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Menu Options

The "Menu Options" window in the Wizard's "My Web Pages" section allows you to control your Main Menu, specifically what your main dynamic menu contains (represented by the template's {menu} token), and how it is displayed in each of your content pages, products pages, category pages and checkout pages.

General Menu Settings:

Menu Style: This drop-down menu allows you to change the way which your Menus display the various pages of your Web site. Select 'Expanding Menu' if you want your Category menu to expand to the right with its sub-categories when the mouse is over it (pop-out menu). Select 'Non-Expanding Menu' if you do not want your main menu to expand with Sub-Categories until they are clicked on. A 'Pull-Down' menu will instead pull down the sub-categories when the main category is clicked on (a 'Pull-Down' menu is only recommended if you do not have more than 3 levels of categories / sub-categories). 'Custom Menu' will allow expert web developers to create a fully custom menu with their code.

Maximum number of sub-category items to be displayed: Controls how many sub-category items you want your Pop-out menu to show before a "More" button is presented and the remaining sub-categories go on a new pop-out to the right when the mouse is put over the "More" button. FORTUNE3 recommends having less than 20 sub-category items to be displayed in order to save vertical space and to avoid your customers from having to scroll down in order to see the full set of the sub-category menu.

Web Site Menu Layout:

This section of the "Menu Options" allows you to modify, create, or remove the menus that appear on your web site.

Menus On: This drop-down menu allows you to select which web pages you want to view or modify the menus of. The 4 options are:

Content Pages - Your Index, About Us, Terms, Privacy Policy, Contact Us, FAQ and any other pages created by or added to "Content Pages Menu Setup" in the "Menu Options" window of the section "My Web Pages" of the wizard.

Category Pages - The pages which are displayed when you customers select any of your categories located on the "My Product" tree.

Product Pages - The pages displayed when a customer selects one of your products located on the "My Product" tree.

Checkout Pages - The pages displayed when you customer is on the checkout portion of a purchase.

Copy content to all pages: Clicking this button copies the menus of the currently selected option under "Menus On" to all of the other options, a quick way to make all of your site's pages show the same menus as you have built them on the select page type.

Menu Type: Using this drop-down menu you can select the type of menu that you want to add. The options are:

Content Pages Menu: Displays all of the content pages; Home Page, Products, My Shopping Cart, Search, Specials and any other pages created by or added to "Content Pages Menu Setup" on the bottom of this same "Menu Options" window.

Category Pages Menu: Displays the categories that are on your "My Products" tree.

Browse by Price: Categorizes your products based on their price, into various price ranges and shows each price range as a link on the menu. When your customer clicks on one of the price ranges, they will be taken to a page where they can see all of your products that match their selected price range.

Change Price List: This button becomes available when you select the Browse By Price menu type, so you can manually configure the price ranges that you want shown on the Browse by Price menu. If you do not configure a Price List, Fortune3's Back-End will automatically create one for you, and create your menu's price ranges based on rounded averages from all of your products' sale prices.

Browse by Brand: Categorizes your products based on the brand which is entered into each of your products in the Product Properties window (in the "My Products" section of the wizard).

Browse by Custom Fields: You are also able to select custom fields as a menu type, your products will be categorized based on information for the custom field(s) that you add as menus.

Drop-Down Menu: Selecting this checkbox will cause the menu being added to be created as a standard drop-down menu, over-riding the setting selected at the top of the screen under "Menu Style" for the menu being added.

Add Menu: Clicking this button will add your selected 'Menu Type' to the right. The new menu will only appear on the group of web pages that was selected on the "Menus On" drop-down, unless you add it to the other page types or click on "Copy these contents to all pages".

Delete Menu: Clicking this button will remove the selected menu from the group of web pages that is selected using the "Menus On" drop-down.

Menu Contents & Order: This table shows all of the menus that have been added, and is also used to select and move the menus on your online store, using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons you can change the order of your menus on the group of web pages that is selected using the "Menus On" drop-down.

NOTE: The modifications made to menus will only appear on the group of pages selected on the "Menus On" drop-down. To change the order of the pages you must make the changes to each of the group of pages on the "Menus On" drop-down menu, or click on "Copy these contents to all pages".

Content Pages Menu Setup:

The "Content Pages Menu" is the menu that contains links to your Content (or informational) Web Pages and other web pages of interest that are not category or product pages. Using this section you can add or remove individual pages in "Content Pages Menu" and change the order in which each link on the "Content Pages Menu" appears.

Page Name: This drop-down allows you to select pre-generated content pages and any additional page added to your store as "Content Pages" in the"My Web Pages" section of the wizard. If you delete any of the content pages from your "Content Pages Menu", you can re-add it by using this drop-down menu to select the page and clicking the "Add" button, where the page will appear on the right column.

NOTE: If you want to add a new internal page to your "Content Pages Menu", you must first add or create the page using "Add Page" in the "My Web Pages" section of the wizard.

Home, About, Terms, Privacy, Contact, FAQ: Displays a link to any of the selected pre-defined pages on your content pages menu.

Products: Displays a link on the content pages menu to the "Products" page that contains either all Categories, all Special Offers, all Special Deals, or all of your products, depending on what you select under the "I want my general products page to contain" in the Cart Options section.

Specials: If you have "Special Offers" (products with an "On Sale" price), this will display a link on your content pages menu that allows your customers to view all items that are marked as a "Special Offer".

My Shopping Cart: Displays a link on your content pages menu that takes your customers to a page to view the current contents of the shopping cart. This can also be linked elsewhere by creating a link to "viewcart.cgi" anywhere on your site.

Search: Displays a link to your Search page on your content pages menu to allow your customers to search your products for specific keywords.

Retail/Wholesale Site: If you have activated both the "Retail Site" and the "Wholesale Site" (in the My Company -> Retail Options / Wholesale Options sections), this will display a link on your content pages menu that goes to your Wholesale Login / Wholesale Account Request screen.

Rate this Site: Displays your site's rating and customers' comments and gives your customers (who have purchased from you) the ability to rate your site. You will be able to approve or deny each customer's rating and comments by monitoring these ratings through the Administration Site's "Manage -> Site Ratings" section.

Affiliates: If you have activated the "Affiliate Program" (you may activate this in the Admin Site under "Tools -> Affiliate Program"), this option displays a link on your content pages menu to your site's affiliates program for your affiliates to log in, and for potential future affiliates to sign up and create an affiliate account.

Wishlist: Displays a link on your content pages menu that says "My Wishlist", only if your wishlist is active in the Cart Options window, and at least 1 customer has created a Wishlist.

External Page Name: This fields is used to input the name of your new external web page (from an external site) as it will appear on your "Content Pages Menu".

Address (URL): This field is used to specify the address (URL) of your new external page. In order for the menu item to work correctly the URL must be input exactly, any bad URL will not work sending your customers to an error page.

Target: This drop-down menu determines the position of the new page when it is added to your "Content Pages Menu". Selecting "_top" create the new menu item on top of all existing items, "_bottom" send it to the end of the list. If no option is selected the menu item is automatically created at the bottom of the list.

Add: Clicking this button will add the link to the bottom of your content pages menu and make it appear on the right column.

Delete: Clicking this button will remove the page that is currently selected by the "Menu & Content Order" under "Content Pages Menu Setup".

Menu Contents & Order:This table is used to select and move the pages of your content menu, using the "Move Up" and "Move Down" buttons you can change the order of your the pages in your content menu.

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