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Search Options

When a customer uses your "Search Page" to search for a product on your online store, the results are automatically populated by the ecommerce back-end utilizing preset values. The "Search Options" button on the Wizard's "My Web Pages" section allows you to customize the way your Search Page searches through your products, how the results are displayed to your customers, add filters to the results, and choose from several options that are available that control the functionality of your Search Page.

Search by Default: This drop-down menu allows you to choose the default way in which the keywords your customers enter into the search are treated by default. If "All Words" is selected, when a customer inputs a series of words, the product must contain all of the words in order for it to appear on the results page (though the words do not need to be in the specific order in which the customer entered them). When "Any Words" is selected only one of the single words that the customer enters needs to be within the product for it to be displayed. "Exact Words" causes the search to show only the products that have the words in the specific order in which the customer enters them. Please note that this is only the default setting, that is used for search fields that are in your template. In the "Search Page" the customer can choose any 3 of these options to search for products, but the one you select here will be the one that will be selected by default.

Suggest Similar when there are no results: Selecting this checkbox will cause your search page to suggest keywords when the words which your customer inputs produce no results. The keywords suggested are similar to what the customer searched for, and will show results. For example, If the customer inputs "Haels"and the search page finds no products with that specific word it will offer "Heels" as a possible relevant keyword that produces at least 1 result.

Results Per Page: You can choose the number of products that you would like to display on the "Search Page". FORTUNE3 recommends that you do not display more than 15-30 products per page, as too many images loading on a page may bring "Search Pages",

Show Duplicates: Selecting this checkbox will cause the "Search Page" to display a product multiple times if it appears in more than one category.

Search In: You can define the product fields to search through when a customer performs a search on your site, The wizard allows you to select SKU, Name, Description, Additional Description, Brand, Mft. Part Number, Tabs Text, or any Custom Fields as the product fields that are searched through. Add or remove the fields that you want the search to go through. Only the fields added to the right column will be used for the search matching.

Filter Results: After the results of a search have been displayed a customer is able to refine ("Filter") the products that are within the results page. A drop-down menu will be displayed above the results allowing customers to choose which products they are interested in viewing. You can select additional filters to refine your search even further bringing the correct products to the correct customers. The filters available for you to display on your "Search Page" are By Price, By Category, In Stock, With Free Shipping, By Top Seller, On Sale, By Brand, and any Custom Fields that you have specified.

Change Price List: This button becomes available when you select the By Price filter, so you can manually configure the price ranges that you want shown on your Search Page's Filters (for the Price Filter). If you do not configure a Price List, Fortune3's Back-End will automatically create one for you, based on rounded averages from the search results.

Sort By: This field allows you to provide your customers with different ways of sorting the products in your "Search Page" results. As drop-down menu will appear on the "Search Page" toolbar, above the products, allowing the customer to change the order of the results. The different sorting options are By Name, By Price, By Relevance, By SKU, By Brand, By Rating, By Top Seller, By Category. The default ordering is By Relevance.

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