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Custom Fields

Creating Custom Fields - Custom Field Names

Custom Fields are text fields for your products that are not included in the software, that you may use to better describe your products to your customers. For example, if you are selling diamonds, you may add custom fields like Clarity, Cut, Color, etc., and then specify the description for each field on each product. Another example is if you are selling books, you may add custom fields like Author, ISBN, Publisher, etc. Aside from displaying on your site, Custom Fields can also be used to set up a new Menu on your main menu i.e. as a menu for Browse by Publisher (see "Menu Options"), or to filter the Search Page or Search/Sort Toolbar in each category page (see "Search Options").

First, you must specify the Custom Field Names by clicking on "Custom Field Names" button in the top bar of the "My Products" section. Here you will add the names of the custom fields you would like to have for your products. Custom fields for your products will display on the bottom of the individual product pages. You can add Fields that will not display on every product, but will on certain products only. Only those products where you enter a value into the custom fields will display these fields.


Once you have added the fields you want to be able to use, you can input the information you want displayed in each field for each specific product. You will find this window by clicking on the "Custom Fields" tab on each product's Properties window. If you leave a field blank, the field will not show up for this specific product.

The end result of these fields will look like this on the bottom of the product's individual web page:

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