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Gift Certificates: Adding Gift Certificates:

You can also add Gift Certificates for sale on your Web Store. FORTUNE3's Gift Certificate system allows you to put up Gift Certificates for sale on your web store and allows customers to purchase gift certificates (for themselves or for others) and also allows the receiver of the Gift Certificate to come to your site and purchase items with the value of their Gift Certificates. FORTUNE3's system does this by generating a Gift Certificate Code and sending it by e-mail in an attractive format to the intended receiver. The receiver can then go to your site and Redeem the Gift Certificate value during the checkout. Remaining or unused gift amounts will stay stored for later purchases, and if the value of the purchase is greater than the value left on the Gift Certificate, the customer will have to pay the difference to complete the order. To add a Gift Certificate to be sold on your site, right-click on the appropriate Category icon and click on "Add Gift Certificate". Fill in the fields appropriately. If a Gift Certificate is purchased by a customer, you can view the certificate and its value in the Administration Site's "Manage -> Gift Certificates" and Manage it accordingly.

Minimum Amount: Enter the Minimum Dollar Amount (or other currency) for ordering a Gift Certificate on your site. Anything less than this amount cannot be ordered.

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