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Defining Cross-Selling: Recommended Items & Accessories

"Cross-Selling" E-Commerce: The FORTUNE3 Shopping Cart & E-Commerce Wizard software comes with this important marketing tool to attempt to maximize the quantity of products that the buyer will add to the shopping cart. We suggest building your online store by assigning a few recommended items or accessories to as many products as possible. When you link other items to a specific product, your shopping cart will automatically display the other items after adding the specific product to the shopping cart, as well as showing it as a recommended item in the product's page. The suggested items appear with the "Add to Cart" button, allowing its immediate addition to the shopping cart.

Cross-Selling Discounts (i.e. buy item ABC and get 50% off of item XYZ or Buy item ABC and get item XYZ for free), even allowing you to automatically add the other item to the cart when the parent item is added and pair two items together.

Right-click on a product, click on Add Cross-Selling Products. Enter a Tip Title, Tip Description, and add an image if you like and click "Save & Close". The tip is your tip or suggestion to the customer (for example, "Other customers also liked..." or "With this product, you will also need these items...". Now, a cross-selling icon will appear under the product in the product tree.

List of Cross-Selling items

In order to recommend your cross-selling items, you will need to use the Cross-Selling List. As the products in your E-Commerce web site are entered through the Tree, they are automatically included in the Cross-Selling List. You can display the list by clicking on the "Show Cross-Selling List" from the tab bar. Drag the Arrow icon to expand or shrink the "Cross-Selling List" horizontally (to allow for more organizing space).

Use the Cross-Selling List to assign the desired recommended items to a particular product in the tree by using the following methods:

Quick-find: Sort the items either by SKU or by Name or perform a Search. Highlight items throughout the list by using the "Up" and "Down" arrow keys or by pointing and clicking with the mouse.
Use the "Shift" and "Ctrl" keys to group several products into one selection.
Drag and Drop or Copy any selection onto the "Cross Selling" icon on the Tree, or you can also Copy and Paste: Right-click on the selection in the list and choose "Copy", then select the corresponding "Cross-Selling" icon in the tree, right-click on it and select "Paste".
After clicking on "Paste" or Dropping, each item that you selected will display its corresponding entry-form, explained below.

Get __% off for every __ purchased (Cross-Selling Discounts) - These fields allow you to add a discount or even offer a product for free with the purchase of another product. In the first % field, enter the discount you would like to give customers for the recommended item (enter 100% for free), and on the second field, enter the qty that is required of the parent item in order to receive the discount specified on the 2nd item. Use this for offering promotions like "Buy item ABC and get 50% off of item XYZ".

__ XYZ is required for 1 ABC - This field allows you to define how many of the cross-selling item are required or recommended for every parent item ordered. For example, if product ABC (the parent item) requires 2 of product XYZ (the recommended item), enter 2.

Add Product Automatically - Selecting this option will automatically add the recommended item to the cart when the parent item is added.

Force Quantities to Match - This option is only enabled if the "Add Product Automatically" option above is selected. Selecting this option will not only automatically add the recommended item to the cart when the parent item is added, but will also make it so that the recommended item must be ordered along with the parent item, and in the same quantity. If the quantity of the parent item is updated, the quantity of the recommended item will also be updated. This will make it so that two items are intertwined, they must be ordered together and in the same quantities.

Click on "Save & Close" when you have finished selecting your cross-selling options. You can get back into this screen to modify the information at any time by right-clicking on the Cross Selling Product icon, and clicking on Properties.

You may add as many products as cross-selling items under each product as you want. Once set up, cross-selling items should look like this:

Products deleted from the Product Tree will also be deleted from the "Cross-Selling List".

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