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Change Web Texts - Messages

When you upload your site with the FORTUNE3 E-Commerce and Shopping Cart software, all of the text on your site is automatically generated by the Wizard. For example, your menu items have designated text, if you add products to your product tree, the menu will automatically include the text "Products". You can change every single piece of text that is automatically generated by the Wizard. Proceed as follows:

Click on the "Change Web Texts"button. In the "Search For" field, search for the text or part of the text that you want to change (you can change any text/message located on your site or even on e-mails that are sent out to the customer when something is purchased).

Once you find the text you are looking for, change it on the lower-left text field. The text will be updated in real-time while you are changing it. Your may click on the Edit HTML button to format the text using the built-in HTML editor.
Proceed with changing any text in the same manner. When you are finished, click on "Save & Close ". Upload your site and your text/messages will be changed.

NOTE: You can change all of the text on your site to other languages, just change every text to the language desired and this will make your entire web store's text in your desired language.

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