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Fonts & Styles

IMPORTANT NOTE: Use ONLY if you have knowledge of CSS (Cascading Style Sheet) files.

When you upload your E-Commerce web site with the FORTUNE3 E-Commerce & Shopping Cart software, all of the text on your E-Commerce web site gets a designated font style. For example, your menu items have a designated font style. You can change these fonts that are automatically generated by the Wizard.

Proceed as follows: Click on "Fonts & Styles".
From the "Style Name" drop-down list, select "style.css".
Select the "Class Name" that you want to change, and change its properties.
Continue to modify the properties of any "Class Name" that you want to change, when you are finished, click on Save & Close.

NOTE: When "Template's Default" is selected on the "Style Name" list, you will not be able to modify the classes for it. If you want to restore your fonts to the default styles that came with your template, select "Template's Default" as the Style Name.

You may also edit the CSS file directly through the code. You can find the file at this location:

"C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\Templates\'TemplateName'\style.css"

In order to find the corresponding classes to edit the specific fonts you need to change, you can go to your web site, and view the source code of the page. By looking through the code or searching for the specific text you want to change, you can match it with the classes in the CSS style sheet and change it accordingly.

Main Menu Font Classes: The following is the list of class names that are used for your main Category menu. If you would like to change the fonts of the category menu, you simply need to change the properties of these classes:


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