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Retail Options

The FORTUNE3 Shopping Cart & E-Commerce Wizard software offers you the options of creating a B2C Web Site (retail), a B2B Web site (wholesale), or both within the same site. You should consider whether or not you want to allow the general public to view your web site (retail), to limit the access to approved users only (wholesale), or both. If you enable both retail and wholesale, your retail site will allow the general public to access your product listing and purchase, and your wholesale restricted-access section will allow your approved wholesale customers to log in and buy from you at wholesale prices. Place a check-mark next to "Create Retail Web Site" and/or "Create Wholesale Web Site" (in the Wholesale Options screen) according to your company's requirements.

Retail Web Site:

By creating a Retail Web Site, your E-Commerce web site, online store and shopping cart will be available to the general public. Thus giving the public access to your online store without requiring an Authorized Login, at these regular URL's:

http://domainname (i.e. http://www.naturalab.com)
or if you are not using a domain name for your FORTUNE3 store:
(i.e. http://www.fortune3.com/naturalab/)

Retail Payment Methods:

You can specify the payment methods that you will be accepting for your retail shopping cart. If you do not have a retail web site, this option will be disabled. If you have both, retail and wholesale shopping carts, you should specify the payment methods for each portion of the shopping cart. The retail shopping-cart payment-methods are specified here and the wholesale shopping-cart payment-methods "Wholesale Options".

Wire Transfer, C.O.D., Electronic Checks and Open Credit:

You can offer "Wire Transfers" as a payment method in your shopping cart, but only to provide information to the customer about the bank account where payments should be wired to. When a customer uses this payment method, the money will not be wired automatically. Instead, this will just provide your customers with the information they need in order to perform the wire transfer. Please fill in your Bank Account Information in order to accept Wire Transfers.

"Electronic Checks" can be offered as a payment method if you have an online check processor connected to the processing gateway. "C.O.D." and "Open Credit" can also be offered as payment methods. You can limit the access to the "Open Credit" option by requiring customers to enter a password. Open Credit is generally used if some of your customers use Purchase Orders to make payments to your company. You would supply them with the password you have selected to allow them access to the Open Credit option, and then proceed by entering the other payment information (ie. a P.O. Number). Simply click on the appropriate button to specify a password.

For Open Credit orders, you are solely responsible for collecting payments from customers based on your credit terms.

Credit Cards: Merchant Accounts:

Once your online store and shopping cart has been created, you may need a Merchant Account to process payments online. If you don't have a Merchant Account you can either apply through FORTUNE3 or through any other merchant account provider - click here for more information. Until then, your shopping cart will not be able to process payments automatically unless you use PayPal, Checkout by Amazon, or Google Checkout. However, the complete credit card information for the shopping cart orders will be saved and made available through your Administration Site. If you do not want to open an Internet Merchant Account, you don't need to. You can process the cards manually (through your in-store credit card terminal) by keying in the credit card numbers that are displayed in the Administration Site for each order. Credit Card numbers will only be displayed on the Administration Site to registered customers, they will be blocked by X's during the 30-day trial period. In addition, the customers' CVV (Credit Card Validation) code will never be recorded or visible as saving these numbers in any way is prohibited by law.

Setting up Payment Methods in your Online Store:

To activate a "Payment Method" just click on the appropriate check boxes. These represent the Payment Methods that will be made available to your customers during the checkout process. If you would like to change the text that for the name of a payment method, simply right-click on it, and re-name it.

Available Payment Methods:

"Cash", "Money Orders", "Personal Checks", "Cashier's Checks", "Electronic Checks", "PayPal", "Other" and the following credit cards: "Visa", "Master Card", "Amex", "Discover", "Diners", "JCB", "Solo" (U.K.), "Switch/Maestro" (U.K.).

PayPal - Checking this option will make the PayPal Website Payments Standard or the PayPal Express Checkout options present during the checkout process of your shopping cart. You do not need a Merchant Account or Gateway to accept PayPal, all you need is a PayPal Premier or Business account that can accept payments.
To activate PayPal as a payment method, check-mark the PayPal payment option. After you have uploaded your site, you must link your PayPal account to your shopping cart. To do this, you must log in to your Administration Site and follow the instructions under "Link PayPal Account".

Linking your PayPal account to your online store is free.

IMPORTANT NOTE REGARDING PAYPAL: If you are only using PayPal Website Payments Standard for your order processing, ONLY choose "PayPal" on this screen and make sure that ALL credit cards are un-checked, as PayPal will handle your credit card transactions, not your FORTUNE3 shopping cart.

Wire Transfer
- Checking this option requires that you to specify your bank account information using the "Set Bank Account" button. The bank account information form prompts for the following information: "Bank Name", "Bank Address", "Bank Phone", "Routing or ABA #" and your actual "Account #".

NOTE: Check-marking the Wire Transfer will not have your site transfer the funds from the bank account on its own; it simply displays your banking info to the customer so that they can arrange for the Wire Transfer themselves.

C.O.D. - Checking this option allows "C.O.D." (Cash On Delivery) payments.

Open Credit - Checking this option activates "Open Credit" as a payment option. You can limit the access to the "Open Credit" option by requiring customers to enter a password. Open Credit is generally used if some of your customers use Purchase Orders in order to make payments to your company. You would supply them with the password you have selected to allow them access to the Open Credit option, and then proceed by entering the other payment information (ie. a P.O. Number). Simply click on the "Set Credit Password" button to specify a password.

For Open Credit orders, you are solely responsible for collecting payment from customers based on your credit terms.

This option requires setting a password to limit the access to this payment method.

Credit Card Surcharge:

You can specify surcharge percentages for the credit card transactions on your retail shopping cart. Enter the surcharge percentage amounts according to the credit card types. The appropriate amount will be automatically added during the shopping cart check-out process.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Some states and countries prohibit credit card surcharges to be passed on to the final consumers, FORTUNE3 strongly recommends that you check with the laws of your country or state regarding credit card surcharges before adding one to your shopping cart. 

Additional Options
Minimum Order Amount:

Enter a value for your Retail Shopping Cart's Minimum Order Amount. Customers on your retail site will not be able to make a purchase until their shopping cart's Sub-Total value equals or exceeds the minimum amount specified here.

The "SHIPPING ADDRESS" must match the card holder's "BILLING ADDRESS":

In order to minimize fraud liability, check the box "The SHIPPING ADDRESS must match the card holder's BILLING ADDRESS". If you have this box checked, your checkout pages will not ask the customers to enter a Shipping Address, it will only ask for a Billing Address and assume that the Shipping Address is the same.

Authorize vs. Pre-Authorize: If you have a Merchant Account

To activate a merchant account and link it to your shopping cart, you must provide all of the required information, as well as your designated processing gateway. In most cases your E-Commerce web site can be linked to your current merchant account and gateway to process your shopping cart sales. You should contact FORTUNE3 in order to activate your payment Gateway and/or Merchant Account.

Select whether you want to Authorize transactions, or simply Pre-Authorize them with your credit card gateway. By choosing to authorize your transactions, your payment processing gateway will automatically submit the authorization for the funds on the given card, and begin the move of the funds into your merchant account. By choosing to Pre-Authorize your transactions, this will check to make sure the funds are available on the given card, however you will need to either finish the authorization process within the FORTUNE3 Administration Site by clicking to charge for the transaction or by signing into your Processing Gateway and completing the charge on the card (or capturing the pre-authorization). Please note that not all credit card gateways have this feature, so this feature's functionality depends upon whether your payment processor allows a pre-authorization model or not.

Shipping &Billing Countries:

Leave the right column blank if you want to allow billing and shipping addresses from anywhere in the world. If you want to limit the countries in which your Retail shopping cart will allow billing and shipping addresses from, choose those countries on the left box, select if you want to limit Billing, Shipping or Both to that country, and add click to Add them. One by one, select each country that you want to allow and click on the Add button. Once all countries are added, your acceptable Bill-to and Ship-to Countries will be listed on the right column. The limit type will be displayed inside parentheses before the country name on the right column - (B) for Billing, (S) for Shipping and (2) for Both. In the example below, your retail site will be limiting the Billing Countries to The United States, Canada and The United Kingdom and limiting the Ship-To countries to The United States, Canada and Australia.

Shopping Cart Discounts:

You can set specific discounts for your Retail and Wholesale Sites separately. These discounts are based on either a percentage off of the total amount or a set dollar amount off of the total amount. You can set your own values in these fields. You can also designate when to use these discounts. As you see below, there is a discount of $25 on any Retail order over $300. There is also a discount of 15% on any Retail order with 5 or more Items in the customer's Shopping Cart.IMPORTANT NOTE: If two or more discounts apply to the current contents of your customer's cart, only the discount with the higher discounted value will be applied to the customer's purchase.

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