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Company Information

The first screen displayed when a new or existing company is opened is My Company's "Company Information".

Editing and updating your online store information is simple.

The FORTUNE3™ Wizard & E-Commerce Web Site software is a fully customizable shopping cart software that features smart entry boxes to simplify the process of creating your online store as well as editing your E-Commerce Web site information.

To guarantee peak performance, make sure that the information you provide is accurate.

This screen prompts you to provide general Company Information. The FORTUNE3™ Online Store Builder software displays entry boxes with black titles indicating that the information is optional. Red titles are used to indicate that the information is required. Some entry-forms require completion of all of the entry boxes.

The information you enter in this section will establish some of the functionality of your online store, E-Commerce Web site and Web site shopping cart. To guarantee that you are immediately notified of all sales activity in your online shopping cart, please make sure that the E-mail addresses and other required contact information are accurate.

NOTE: You cannot advance to the next entry-form until all of the required fields have been completed in the current entry-form.

Each entry-form contains data fields that are of special interest with regard to the functionality of your E-Commerce shopping cart, for example:

Company Name - This should be your company's correct legal name, it is displayed in several sections of your site including the Terms of Sale and Privacy Policy, as well as in the Title of all product and category pages (and meta tags) by default.

Address, City, State/Province & Zip Code - Used to calculate shipping costs, print labels & displayed as your company's contact information on your web store.

Country - Select the Country in which your Company's main location is registered. This info is also displayed on your company's contact information. Once you select your country, the list of States will get updated so you can select the state you are in within your country. Shipping settings will be applicable according to the country you select here.

- Used to include the currency unit for all of your shopping cart transactions.

Currency Conversion and Languages - These options are used to make it easier for your customers to view and use your site.

The Currency Conversion is used to let the customers see exactly what the products' price is in their own currency. You can pick which currencies you would like to make available to your customers.

NOTE: Orders will not be processed in multiple currencies by default. If your credit card processor can process payments in multiple currencies, and you would like your web store to process orders in multiple currencies, please contact FORTUNE3.

The Language Translations are used to make it easier for a customer to use your site if the language your site is built in is not their first language. You can choose which languages to translate to from whichever language your site has been created in.

NOTE: The translator may make a rough translation, and may not be absolutely true to the verbiage you use on your site. This is mainly used to give customers without the ability to normally read your site a better, easier way to understand and browse your site. Our translation tool utilizes the Google Translator and may not be 100% accurate, but is by far the best web site translator around. Also, the translator will only recognize basic text; it will not change the text on buttons, images or other objects.

For the Currency Conversion and the Language Translations, you have the ability to choose how you want these options to be displayed to the customer. You can choose to display them on either a Drop-down List, or as a series of flag images of the related countries.

To add your allowed currencies and/or languages, select your choice from the boxes on the left one at a time, and click on the "Add" button until all of your choices show up in the boxes on the right.

Sales Dept. E-mail - Enter the e-mail address where you want order notifications to be sent to, this address will also be displayed on your web site as your contact e-mail address. If you would like your order confirmation e-mails to go to multiple e-mail addresses, enter the various e-mail addresses in this box, each e-mail address should be separated by a semi-colon ( ; ).

Store Info E-Mail -Contact Form e-mails from your web store's default contact form will be sent to this e-mail address.

Unit of Measure
- Select the measurement system that your company operates on.

Decimal Symbol - Enter the symbol used for decimals in your region. Enter either are a period ( . ) or a comma ( , ).

Contact Name - Enter the Administrator's Contact Name for FORTUNE3 references.

Website Admin E-Mail - Enter the e-mail address where the web site administrator will receive relevant information, messages, news, FORTUNE3 Upgrades, wholesale account requests, and reports. If you did not enter anything under Store Info E-mail, the Contact Form e-mails from your web store's default contact form will also be sent to this e-mail address.

Username (Company ID)
and Password - You need to identify your company by selecting a "Username (Company ID)" and "Password". The Username will identify the company; it will be also used as part of the temporary web site's URL and part of your secure pages' URL if you will be using FORTUNE3's free SSL. (I.e.http://www.myfortune3cart.com/username/), and to log in to the Administration Site from any web browser. The information provided will be used on your online store where applicable. Your password can be retrieved or changed at any time in the Administration Site. Your username can only be changed by contacting FORTUNE3.

Template Footer (represented by the token {companyinfo} on your template): All of the web pages on your online store, E-Commerce web site and shopping cart will contain the following information by default to display your company information to visitors. This information can only be removed by removing the {companyinfo} token from your template's HTML code (see My Template):

Company Name
City, State, Zip Code
Sales Dept. E-mail
Phone & Ext.

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