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Fortune3 Wizard: Online Store Builder / Shopping Cart Software: Getting Started

The Fortune3 Wizard is a PC-Based program that is installed on your Windows computer. In order to create your online store and / or make changes to it, you must open the Fortune3 Wizard, which is by default placed on your Desktop as an icon, or can also be accessed by going to your Windows Start menu and going to "All Programs", and searching for the Fortune3 software. You can also access the program by going to its installation folder (by default C:\Program Files\Fortune3 Wizard\ or C:\Program Files (x86)\Fortune3 Wizard\ for 64-bit versions of Windows), and opening the file called F3Wizard.exe.

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First Time Users:
Upon opening the Wizard software for the first time the New Store Setup window will appear and you will be prompted to input basic information pertaining to your company. Since FORTUNE3™ Wizard & E-Commerce Web Site software uses the information you input to create your online store it is important to provide accurate information because it will affect several aspects of your online store. Once you fill in the information, and click on "Create Store", your online store will be populated with a few sample products and categories according to the industry you have selected.

NOTE: You may change any of the information that is entered into the New Store Setup screen at a later time.


During the store creation process, your account will either be verified or activated with the Username (Company ID) and Password that you specified in the form. In some instances the company's Username might already be taken. If this occurs, a form will display asking you to change the Username (Company ID). You will be able to select from a list suggesting several others.

After Creating the Store:
If you have already created your store with Fortune3, and the New Store Setup window appears when you open the Wizard, it is either because your data was lost or uninstalled, or because you are using a different computer than the one that your store was set up with, in which case you must click on "Import Existing Company" to import your existing store's files from a Rescue file (.zip or .f3x). Click here for more information on using multiple computers, how to retrieve your existing store's data through Exporting it from the latest location, and performing backups after uploading and then following the Rescue Company Data process.

When you open the Wizard Software after your first company has been created, you will be prompted to either "Open an Existing Company" , "Import Existing Company Data" or "Create a New Company". By default, the FORTUNE3™ Shopping Cart & E-Commerce Wizard software is set to open an existing company. To open an existing company (a company is the same as an individual online store), select the company that you wish to open from the list, and click on "Open". If you are importing your store from a Rescue File or a Wizard Export file (.f3x), select "Import Existing Company Data", click on "Import", and then browse for your saved Rescue File (.zip or .f3x), select it and click on "Open". if you want to create a brand new store select "Create a New Company", click on "Create", the New Store Setup window will appear.

For each online store (Company) that you create, the FORTUNE3™ E-Commerce software and Shopping Cart Wizard software generates an online storefront Web site through a set of files and saves a database on your computer's local drive. You can modify your E-Commerce Web site at any time and perform updates as necessary on the FORTUNE3 Wizard and upload to your Web hosting account with FORTUNE3.

Main Menu contains 6 buttons which contain the entire Fortune3 Ecommerce Software and all of its features and functionality. They are My Company, My Web Pages, My Products, Upload Site, Admin Site, and My Site.

My Company This section controls the main settings for your online store, including payment options, shipping options, and tax options.
My Web Pages This section controls the look and feel of your entire storefront. From this section you can manage and modify your Templates, Web Pages (content pages), Buttons, Cart Pages, Fonts & Styles, Default Texts, Search Options, Menus, and Checkout Options.
My Products This section controls the entire product structure of your online store. Products, categories and options are all added and managed in this section.
Upload Site This is the section that publishes the changes you make in the Fortune3 Wizard to your web store. Any time you make changes and you would like to publish those changes to your site, you would do it by coming to this screen and selecting "Upload Now".
Admin Site This is your order administration and reporting login area. The Admin Site has hundreds of tools to help you manage your business and online sales, and can be accessed through a Web Browser from any Internet-connected computer (simply go to www.fortune3.com and click on Administration Login), or directly though the Fortune3 Wizard's Admin Site button on top (which is simply a web browser inside the Wizard that allows you to go back and forth between the Wizard's screens and your Admin Site).
My Site This button will simply open up your default web browser and take you to your online store so you can view it and browse through it.

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