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Checkout Options

The "Checkout Options" button on the Wizard's "My Web Pages" section will allow you to manage the customer information that you want to retrieve during the checkout process. You can also manage some portions of the checkout process itself.
Checkout Style:

You can choose whether you want your customers to go through a Three Page Checkout, or a One Page Checkout. In a Three Page Checkout, the order process will be broken up into three sections (three web pages). The One Page Checkout will consolidate the entire checkout process into one easy to use and well organized web page.

Select/Unselect Checkout Fields:

This section allows you to select the type of customer information you would like to collect during the checkout process.

Login Information:

By registering with a password, your customers will be able to log in and view previous orders (through the Order Status button), and check their orders' status and tracking information (if tracking is assigned to the orders in the Admin Site). Customers who register will also be able to rate your site and products (if enabled in the "Rate this Site" which appears in the Menu Options section) and skip having to enter their address information when placing orders in the future by logging in.

In this portion, you can specify whether you want your customers to be able to create an account during their purchases, whether you want to force them to create an account, whether you want to give them a choice to create an account or not during their purchases, or a combination of any of these.

Registered Customer: Checking this box will allow customers who have previously registered with a password

New Customer (No Registration): Checking this box will allow New Customers to place orders without having to register with a password on your web store (the password field become not required if selected).

New Customer (w/ Registration): Selecting this box will allow New Customers to register with a password when placing an order on your web store. Un-checking this option will remove the password field so new customers cannot enter a password.

Allow Customers to Save Cart for Later: Selecting this box will allow your customers to begin shopping, place items in their shopping cart, and return later if they need to by clicking on the Save Cart button shown in their shopping cart, and saving the cart. The items originally placed in their cart can be retrieved when they come back to your site and view the cart.

Customer Types:

This will give your customers the ability to choose the best fitting description on the type of customer they are from a drop-down list during the checkout process. Some fields of the checkout will change from non-required to required for certain customer types (e.g. If a customer chooses that they are a Corporation, they will be required to enter the Company Name and Company Phone Number fields during the checkout). You may un-check all options here if you do not want to ask your customers what type of customer they are.

Note: If your Wholesale Site is enabled, leave the Wholesale customer option checked in order to have full wholesale functionality.

Billing Information:

These are optional billing address fields, if you do not wish to display them on your checkout, un-check them accordingly. The remaining billing address fields on your checkout are required and cannot be removed due to credit card processing, shipping calculation and tax requirements.

Shipping Information:

These are optional shipping address fields, if you do not wish to display them on your checkout, un-check them accordingly. The remaining shipping address fields on your checkout are required and cannot be removed for proper shipping calculations and credit card processing requirements.

Final Step:

By default your checkout comes with two fields on the final step, a field for Purchase Order # and/or a separate field for the customer to enter Special Instructions for their purchases. Both of these are text fields and will allow customers to type something in. Whatever your customers type into these fields will be saved and available to you when viewing your orders. The Purchase Order field is displayed as a single-line text input field, whereas the Special Instructions is displayed as a multi-line textbox. This can also be used if you need to ask your customers for other information during their purchases because you can change the texts "Special Instructions" and "Purchase Order" to whatever you would like to ask them in the Wizard's "Edit Web Texts" section.

Add Fields:

This section allows you to add more fields to the Checkout pages, so that you can gather additional information from your customers that is not gathered in the standard checkout. Any information that customers enter into these fields will be saved in your database as part of the orders. The information will be visible on the Order Confirmation e-mail and in your Admin Site. Enter the information into each field by following the guidelines below, and click "Add" on the right to add the field to your designated checkout page.

NOTE: If you need to change a field that you have previously created, select the field from the box on the right and click "Delete". This will take it out of the box, however, it will populate all of the fields on the left with the information you had originally entered. Change what you would like to change and click back on "Add". This will place the field back into the box on the right. If you would like to simply delete a field, select it in the box on the right, click "Delete" and press "OK".

Name: This will name the new field for your records. The name will not be visible to your customers.

Field Type: You can choose what type of field you would like to display on your checkout. You can simply display information to customers (HTML OK), insert text fields for your customers to fill out, or give them choices to choose from a list.

Default Value or List Values: This is where you enter the information that you want displayed, the default text to display in a Text field, or the list of values (choices) for your customers to choose from.

To enter the choices for a list, separate each value with a "|". This is a "Pipe" character. It can be found on the same key as the Backslash, which is the key above the "Enter" key.

For example, for a "How did you hear about us?" Drop-Down list, the list values should be set to something like this:

Field Caption: This field tells customers what this choice or text box is for. This is your question to the customer and is displayed to them.

For example:
"How did you hear about us?"

Additional Properties: This portion is optional. If used, it does require some HTML knowledge as this actually controls the field's properties.

For example:
If you have an input field, you can enter "size=30" or "maxchars=10", and this will add these properties to the field in the HTML code.

Location: This will allow you to choose which section of the checkout process this field will appear in. You can choose to put it on the Billing Info section, the Shipping Info section, on both the Billing and Shipping, or the Final Step. Any new fields that are added will always appear below the regular fields (on the bottom of the location, below the other standard checkout fields).

Show on Invoice: By placing a checkmark in this box, after placing the order, the contents your customers typed in or the choices they made on added fields will be visible on the invoices they receive via e-mail, as well as in your order notification e-mail. By not checking this box, the information will not be displayed on the customers' invoices, but will be on the order notification e-mails that you will receive.

Required: By placing a checkmark on this box, you will make the field being created required for the customer to input or select in order to place the order.

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