Fortune3 - Ecommerce Marketing Features.
Marketing features that promote your store.
Your own online store with unique and effective built-in marketing features.
The SEO experts at Fortune3 understand that driving commercial traffic to your Ecommerce Web Site is one of the key factors to a successful online business. Thatís why we provide you with dozens of tools and services to help build a Top-Ranked Ecommerce Website. Fortune3ís software is specifically tailored to maximize your exposure on search engines.
Product feeds are a wonderful tool used to connect Online Stores to shopping comparison websites and increase their exposure. Fortune3 makes it easy to market your products on any shopping comparison site in the world, so you can potentially reach thousands of online shoppers and increase your sales. You can quickly generate your product feeds for any of these shopping sites with a few clicks.
You work hard to keep your ecommerce site up-to-date, but simply adding new items and promotions to your site isnít enough to keep customers updated and have them coming back for more. This is where the included Newsletter (or Mailing List) comes in. The Mailing List Manager is built-in, and helps you stay in touch with customers by sending mass promotional e-mails about new products, sales, and company news.
The Fortune3 Ecommerce Software does much more than help you create and manage your storefront; it has useful features for increasing traffic and sales to your online store. One such feature is the included Affiliate Program, which allows other businesses and individuals to earn money by sending traffic or sales to your website.