Included Affiliate Program - Ecommerce Marketing.
Get help from others to promote your site.
This simple feature allows you to create your own affiliate program to boost your sales.
Affiliate Program.
Creating an affiliate program just became easier.
The Fortune3 Ecommerce Software does much more than help you create and manage your storefront; it has useful features for increasing traffic and sales to your online store.

One such feature is the included Affiliate Program, which allows other businesses and individuals to earn money by sending traffic or sales to your website.
Affiliate Program Features
  • Enable the Affiliate Program and add the “Affiliate Program” link to your Main Menu to run online applications for recruiting affiliates.
  • You may choose either the “Pay Per Click” Program to pay affiliates a set amount per click, or the “Pay Per Sale” Program which either gives a Percentage or a Fixed Amount per sale coming from affiliates.
  • You can also Specify the default URL of the page on your website where customers will land after clicking on your affiliate links
  • Optionally, you may use the "Link Image URL" to provide your affiliates with a banner or image for their link to your site, rather than having them use a standard "text" link.
  • Next, configure the “Pay Day” option to pay affiliates on a specific day of each month.
  • And choose the Available Payment Methods to pay your Affiliates.
Manage your Affiliate Program.
Once your affiliate program is enabled, affiliates can join your program simply by filling out a registration form on your site. After their account is created, your affiliates will automatically receive an e-mail with instructions for linking to your site, so they can start referring traffic and earning money right away.

The administration site helps you manage your affiliates and their referrals by generating detailed reports of their contributions to your site's traffic and sales. By navigating to the “My Reports -> Affiliate Reports” section, you can view the affiliate reports and export click and sales data to XLS or CSV. You can even pay your affiliates using PayPal directly from your Admin Site. You can also manage each affiliate's account, re-send affiliates their linking instructions e-mail, and set a customized pay-rate or landing page for each affiliate. When configured and used correctly, the affiliate program can prove to be even more effective than the paid advertisement services of today's most popular search engines.