Ecommerce Mailing List - Newsletter Marketing.
Stay in Touch with your Customers
Mailing Lists and Newsletters are a great way to keep your customers interested and updated.
Mailing list manager.
Keep your customers informed and stimulated.
You work hard to keep your ecommerce site up-to-date, but simply adding new items and promotions to your site is not enough to keep customers updated and have them coming back for more.

This is where the included ecommerce Newsletter / Mailing List comes in handy. The Mailing List Manager is built-in, and helps you stay in touch with customers by sending mass promotional e-mails about new products, sales, and company news.
With the Mailing List Manager, you can:
  • Manually Add or Import new subscribers.
  • Manage or remove existing subscribers.
  • Choose the information you'd like to collect from subscribers...
  • Create custom subscription forms to add to your website.
  • Compose attractive HTML e-mails using a simple WYSIWYG editor, and store HTML (.html) templates for quick access and later use.
  • Use the included subscriber groups or create new groups to send e-mails to a group of customers only, based on certain criteria such as their location or their last order date.
E-mail Marketing - Fully Integrated to your Online Store.
Best of all, the Newsletter is automatically integrated with your shopping cart, so that new clients placing orders on your ecommerce website can choose to automatically join your Mailing List.

The included Mailing List is just one of the many tools provided by Fortune3 that makes managing and promoting your online store easier and more effective.