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Editing a Web Page: Advanced Editing / HTML Code

If you have web pages that were created and/or modified with other software or manually coded, you can insert the HTML code onto your E-Commerce web site through the FORTUNE3 Shopping Cart and E-Commerce Wizard software's HTML editor by going to View Code. You can also create new HTML pages from scratch and even use HTML editors like Dreamweaver or Expression Web to create and edit any web page or template on your site.

NOTE: The pre-designed pages come as HTML code and with the company's template by default. You can edit them directly, or provide your own HTML as explained in this section.

Folder Path (Use this folder path to save your images):

When manually entering the code, you will need to place all of the images and files that are called from the web page in the proper Folder Path.This field specifies the Folder Path in your local drive for the html pages and graphics of your Web site's content web pages.

The Folder Path is by default located in this directory on your PC:
C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\webpages\Username\

Incorporate all images and animated objects referenced in the HTML code by saving their corresponding files (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .png, .fla, .swf, .swd, .spl formats) directly into the specified Folder Path - do not use sub-folders. Any files of this type that are in the Folder Path will be uploaded with your site on your hosting space's Root directory. Therefore, all references to images and objects in the HTML code should be made directly to the filename and extension - no path or sub-folders (i.e. - <IMG SRC="filename.ext">).

Editing your Web Pages in HTML Editing Programs like Dreamweaver or Expression Web /

In order to edit your web pages in an HTML editor like Dreamweaver, Expression Web, FrontPage, CofeeCup, or even Notepad, you can open the HTML editor program. If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and have User Account Control turned on, you will need to open your HTML editor by right-clicking on it and selecting on "Run as Administrator", or else your changes will not be saved. Once you have the HTML editor open, go to File -> Open. Then browse through your PC's files to the following folder on your computer (Same as Folder Path):
C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\Webpages\Username\

Make sure that the HTML Editor screen for this page is not open in the Wizard (that you are not currently editing this page).

In this folder, you will find all of the HTML pages that are in the FORTUNE3 Wizard for your site. Simply open the HTML page that you want to edit in the program (if you want to edit your HOME page, open the file named index.html). With the web page open, make your changes and then simply save the file. Once you save the file you are done, the next time you upload your site you will see the changes you've made to the HTML pages.

NOTE: In order for a web page to be uploaded to your site, the HTML page needs to be both, listed as a web page in the "My Web Pages" section of the FORTUNE3 Wizard, and its file must be located on the Folder Path. Having an .html file in the Folder Path alone and not having it listed in the Wizard as a content page will not upload the page to your site.

Links / Link Tokens / Tags:

You can include links to the web pages that are automatically generated by the FORTUNE3 Shopping Cart and E-Commerce Wizard software. There are several tokens that have been reserved by the Wizard and will be automatically converted to the corresponding URL's that point to specific web pages. An example of a token is {f3search} which will automatically be converted to your search page's URL. The list below indicates tags/tokens that can be incorporated into the HTML code of your existing web pages, as well as those pages created by the Wizard's HTML generator.

{f3index} HOME Page
{f3about} About Page
{f3contact} Contact Page
{f3products} Products Page
{f3services} Services Page
{f3shop} Shopping Page
{f3terms} Terms of Use / Sale Page
{f3privacy} Privacy Page
{f3faq} FAQ Page
{f3orderstatus} Order Status Login Page
{f3specials} Specials Page
{f3search} Search Page
viewcart.cgi View Cart Page

Another example of a token is {f3index} which will automatically be converted to the URL of your HOME Page.

Thus, you may include a couple of links in your HTML code by entering the following:

<a href="{f3index}">Home Page</a> | <a href="{f3terms}">Terms of Use</a>

And this would yield the following output:
Home Page | Terms of Use

Displaying Products on your Index Page (Home Page) - Using Top Sellers and {randompage}:

FORTUNE3 has created a shortcut in order for you to display some of your products on your home page easily and in an attractive format. Instructions on how to do this are available on the Administration Site under the "My Reports" menu by clicking on the "Top Sellers" link.

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