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Company Logo

If you have a logo, you can incorporate it by clicking on "Company Logo" and choosing the appropriate file. The Logo will appear on your web site by default if you are using a FORTUNE3 template and is referred to in the template's HTML code as {logo} (<img src="{logo}">). If you do not select a Logo here, your template will automatically show your Company Name in simple text in place of a Logo. Then enter the "Company Slogan" or perhaps the company's toll free number. You can select Edit HTML to modify the way your slogan looks using the built-in HTML editor. The slogan will be shown on Invoices and where your logo appears on E-Mail Notification links. You can also incorporate the slogan into your template's html by entering the token {slogan} where you would like to Slogan to appear.

NOTE on Logo Sizes: If you are using a predefined template, your logo will be automatically resized down to fit the template you have selected if the size of your logo overlaps the template's space for it. Some templates accept much smaller logos than others, so each template is configured to accept a separate maximum size. We recommend that you select a template that has the necessary space to fit your logo, or make enough space for it be editing the template.

Click on the "Save & Close" button to save the changes made to your company logo.

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