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Cart Templates

The FORTUNE3 Shopping Cart software also allows you to select and/or customize the way your Product Categories and Product pages are displayed.

Category & Product Templates:

The FORTUNE3 Shopping Cart & E-Commerce Wizard software comes with a library of ready-to-use templates (layouts) for your Category and Product pages.You can select and view which category and product layout that will be used by your online store by selecting "Cart Templates" in the "My Web Pages" section of the wizard. If you preview some of these templates, you will see the differences between the layouts and how the product and category pages will be displayed with each layout.


By selecting "Categories" from the "Page Type" drop-down menu, you can view the different category page layouts. Find the category layout that will best suit your needs by selecting the radio button pertaining to the layout that you wish to preview and clicking on the "Preview" button. Once you have your desired category layout "Save & Close" to enable the selected layout on your site.


By selecting "Products" from the "Page Type" drop-down menu, you can view the different product page layouts. The differences

Find the product layout that will best suit your needs by selecting the radio button pertaining to the layout "Preview"button. Once you have your desired product layout "Save & Close" to enable the selected layout on your site.

IMPORTANT NOTE ON EDITING CART TEMPLATES: FORTUNE3 does not recommend editing the html code in the cart templates unless you are a programmer and are extremely proficient with HTML code and study the Wizard's HTML cart template functionality all-around.

If you want to modify our Category and/or Product page templates, select the
"Modify As" button to download the selected Cart Template. The Wizard will now ask you to name your template ("New Template Name") . Enter a name for the Cart Template and click on OK. The template's layout and code will be displayed in the built-in HTML editor.

Edit a Category

Edit a Product

If you would like to edit the Cart Template in an HTML editor like Dreamweaver or Microsoft Expression Web, click on "File -> Save & Close", and then click on Yes, and click here and proceed to follow the instructions for editing the cart templates with HTML Programs.

Make your changes to the code carefully. If there are any 'if conditions' or 'loops' that are not properly formatted or closed, errors will show on the site. 'If conditions' and 'loops' should not be altered or removed, they look like this:

[% IF ... %]
[% ELSIF ... %]
[% ELSE %]
[% FOREACH ... %]
[% UNLESS ... %]
[% END %]

Click on"File -> Save & Close" when finished.

Note: Because of their complexity, customized "Cart Templates" cannot be previewed. FORTUNE3 also offers very limited support on customized "Cart Templates" because of their complexity and the difficulty of finding errors and problems with them.

Refer to new images and animated objects being incorporated by specifying the file name followed by the corresponding file extension (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .fla, .swf, .swd, .spl / exclude the Folder Path. i.e. <IMG SRC="imagename.gif..">).

Folder Path for the 'Cart Template Design' - where to put your cart template's images and files:

This field specifies the Template's Folder Path in your local drive for your custom cart template. The Template's Folder Path is shown under the HTML panel, which is usually:

For Category Page Templates:

C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\PageTemplates\Categories\TemplateName\

For Product Page Templates:

C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\PageTemplates\Products\TemplateName\

Incorporate all of the new images and animated objects referenced in the HTML code by saving their corresponding files (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .png, .fla, .swf, .swd, .spl formats) directly into the specified Template's Folder Path - do not use sub-folders.

The Template's Folder Path contains many files, particularly image files. You may change any of the files and images in the Template's Folder Path. When you upload, the changed images will be reflected on your site.

Any new images or files you add to the cart template must have the image files located directly in the Template's Folder Path,without any sub-folders, and referred to within the HTML code as simply <img src="file.ext".....>.

Image Editing on "Cart Templates" For Graphic Designers and Web Developers:

To edit the cart template's buttons and graphics all at once, use Macromedia / Adobe Fireworks to modify the colors and design of the template's graphics ("Category Layout #.png or Product Layout #.png" are the files that will be downloaded with each template and should be available in your Template's Folder Path). Do not delete, change names, shapes, sizes and positions of the predefined slices).

Once finished, use the graphics software to export all of the slices to the specified Template's Folder Path.

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