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Editing a Cart Template in HTML Programs:
Dreamweaver / Expression Web / FrontPage:

In order to edit your cart templates in an HTML editor like Dreamweaver, Expression Web, or FrontPage, you must first download one of FORTUNE3's cart templates to your computer (unless you have already done this)
Go to the "Cart Templates"section of "My Web Pages".
Select a cart template style for either "Products" or "Categories". You may preview each style by selecting the radio button pertaining to the layout that you wish to preview and clicking on the "Preview" button.
Once you have chosen the layout you would like to download and customize, select the layout and click on the "Modify As" button, the template download will begin.
Once the template is downloaded, a screen will prompt you to enter the "New Template Name ".
Fill in the "New Template Name" field by entering a name that would reference your cart template - we recommend that you use your FORTUNE3 username as your template's name in order to avoid confusion. The name you enter here will be reflected in your Template's Folder Path.
The built-in HTML editor will appear displaying the HTML code of the "Cart Template". Exit this window by clicking "File" on the menu bar and then "Save & Close".

Once you have the cart template downloaded to your computer, you may open the HTML editor program (Dreamweaver, Expression Web, FrontPage, etc.). If you are on Windows Vista or Windows 7 and have User Account Control turned on, you will need to open your HTML editor by right-clicking on it and selecting on "Run as Administrator", or else your changes will not be saved. Once you have the HTML editor open, go to File -> Open. Then browse through your PC's files to open the following file on your computer:

For Product Page Templates:

C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\PageTemplates\Products\TemplateName\tmplproducts.html

For Category Page Templates:

C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\PageTemplates\Categories\TemplateName\tmplcategories.html

TIP: TemplateName = This is what you entered in the "New Template Name" field when you first downloaded the cart template.

Make your changes to the cart template within this file and then simply save the file. Once you save the file, you are finished, the next time you upload your site you will see the changes you made to the cart template on your site. Needless to say, these are the files that represent your custom cart templates.

Make your changes to the cart template carefully. If there are any 'if conditions' or 'loops' that are not properly formatted or closed, errors will show on the site. 'If conditions' and 'loops' should not be altered or removed, they look like this:

[% IF ... %]
[% ELSIF ... %]
[% ELSE %]
[% FOREACH ... %]

[% END %]

Refer to new images and animated objects being incorporated by specifying the file name followed by the corresponding file extension (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .png, .fla, .swf, .swd, .spl / exclude the Folder Path. i.e. <IMG SRC="imagename.gif..">).

Folder Path for the 'Cart Template Design' - where to put your cart template's images and files:

This field specifies the Template's Folder Path in your local drive for your custom cart template. The Template's Folder Path is shown under the HTML panel, which is usually:

For Category Page Templates:

C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\PageTemplates\Categories\TemplateName\

For Product Page Templates:

C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\PageTemplates\Products\TemplateName\

Incorporate all of the new images and animated objects referenced in the HTML code by saving their corresponding files (.gif, .jpg, .jpeg, .jpe, .png, .fla, .swf, .swd, .spl formats) directly into the specified Template's Folder Path - do not use sub-folders.

The Template's Folder Path contains many files, particularly image files. You may change any of the files and images in the Template's Folder Path. When you upload, the changed images will be reflected on your site.

Any new images or files you add to the cart template must have the image files located directly in the Template's Folder Path,without any sub-folders, and referred to within the HTML code as simply <img src="file.ext".....>.
Image Editing on "Cart Templates" For Graphic Designers and Web Developers:

To edit the cart template's buttons and graphics all at once, use Macromedia / Adobe Fireworks to modify the colors and design of the template's graphics ("Category Layout #.png or Product Layout #.png" are the files that will be downloaded with each template and should be available in your Template's Folder Path). Do not delete, change names, shapes, sizes and positions of the predefined slices).

Once finished, use the graphics software to export all of the slices to the specified Template's Folder Path.

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