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Site Buttons

The FORTUNE3 Shopping Cart software allows you to choose or customize the buttons across the site and shopping cart.

In this section, you can choose the buttons that you want to use along with your site's template. When you have one of the button themes selected, these buttons will replace the buttons that come with the template you selected. Selecting the Default Buttons option will get you back to using the default buttons that come with your template. If you would like to use one of the Button themes we have made available to you, select the theme that you prefer (by selecting the Radio Button pertaining to the theme), and click "Save & Close". The changes will be visible on your site upon your next upload.

You can also download and edit these Button Themes to create your own custom Button Theme by using the "Modify As" option. Using "Modify As" will save all of the files of the currently selected Button Theme to your computer and make them available to you for editing. When you click on "Modify As", the Wizard will ask you to enter a "New Template Name". Enter a name for your custom Button Theme and click on "OK". This will save the Button Theme's files to a local folder on your PC. After saving the new files to your computer, the local folder on your PC containing these files will automatically open. The folder should be:
C:\Program Files\FORTUNE3 Wizard\Buttons\TemplateName\

There are two .PNG files (buttons#.png and other-buttons.png) in the folder that can be edited with Macromedia / Adobe Fireworks. Edit the contents of the .PNG file to your liking and export all of the slices to the same folder. Do not rename the slices, as it will cause the changes your make to get saved with different names and therefore not show on your site.

There are also individual .JPG and .GIF files in the folder that can be edited one by one with your favorite graphics software.

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