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The Product Tree - Bringing it all Together

The FORTUNE3 E-Commerce and Shopping cart Wizard software provides an exclusive visual interface named 'Product Tree' to assist you in creating a well organized online catalog to maximize the selling power of your E-Commerce shopping cart. We can truly say that the E-Commerce solutions provided by our Shopping

The example below portrays a Computer Selling Company. Inside the main Product Category "Computers" there are sub-categories; one of which is called "Desktop Computers". Inside "Desktop Computers", there are several "Products with Options". Each of these represents a particular type of computer to be sold on the store. One of the products is named "Lenovo 3000 K100 57061334 Intel Desktop Computer". This "Product with Options" has an "Options" icon under it. The "Options" icon contains two "Groups of Options", which are: "Processors"and "Memory". Each one of these offers its own options to customers (For example; "Processor" offers 2 options to customers: "Intel Pentium Dual Core 1.6 Gigahertz Processor" and "Intel Pentium Dual Core 2.3 Gigahertz Processor").

In addition, the Product Category "Desktop Computers" also has a set of "Common Options" which will ask customers to choose a monitor when ordering any desktop computer, including the Lenovo desktop mentioned above. The Lenovo desktop will in total offer the customers to select from three (3) sets of options - the monitor, the processor, and memory.

This product will offer the customer different alternatives to choose from before adding the product to the shopping cart. Customers can essentially choose which monitor, processor and how much memory they want from the available options. The same concept can go for other types of products with different options, such as a t-shirt that comes in different sizes and colors.

Moving Products, Categories and other icons within the Product Tree:

As we stated before, the E-Commerce and Shopping Cart Wizard software will organize your online catalog based on the hierarchy of the "Product Tree" that you create. You can move, cut, copy and paste any product, category or icon available on the tree (where permitted).

To move any icon down, simply select the icon, then click on the 'Move Down' button located at the bottom the tree panel. Proceed similarly to move it up. You are also given the option to 'Move to top' or 'Move to bottom', which will move the selected icon to the top or bottom position of its parent icon.

Along with using the "Move Up/Down" Buttons, you can also drag and drop or cut/copy and paste items if you want to easily add them or move them to a different category location.

You should take into consideration that your online store's menu will be built according to the position of the category icons on the tree.

Regardless of your business industry, the FORTUNE3 E-Commerce and Shopping Cart Wizard software allows for as much or as little complexity and detail as you wish to provide to your online store and E-Commerce shopping cart.

Search in Tree:

By clicking on the "Search in Tree" button on the bottom of the "My Products" section, or by pressing Ctrl + F on your keyboard, you will be taken to a screen where you can easily search for any item in your tree, whether it is a category, product, option, or cross-selling product.

Enter the keyword(s) or search phrase for of the items that you want to search for and select your search options:

Direction - Select the direction for your search. The search will start from the location of the item that is currently selected in the tree, in the direction that is selected. If you have "Entire Tree" selected in the Search In section below, this option is disabled, because the direction can only be searched down, so when searching for an item in the entire tree, select an item in the tree that is above the item that you are searching for (or select the first item in the tree), and then go to the Search in Tree screen and perform your search.

Search For - Select the type of item that you are searching for.

Search In - Select where you would like to search in the tree. "Entire Tree" will search the entire My Products tree for your search term, in the Down direction (the search will start from the location of the item that is currently selected downward). "Current Category and Sub Categories" will perform the search only inside of the currently selected category and its sub-categories or the category that the currently selected item is in, in the Direction that you select. "Current Category Only" will perform the search only inside of the currently selected category or the category that the currently selected item is in, in the Direction that you select.

Click on "Find Next" until you find the item that you are looking for. The found items will be highlighted in the Product Tree with a light blue on the icon. The Tree will automatically scroll down to the section in the tree where the found result is, and any parent icons will be automatically expanded so you can view the results properly.

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