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Using 'Cut', 'Copy', 'Paste', 'Paste as New'
Copying and Pasting Products and other items:

Copying and Pasting Products:

The Copy feature has two functions with products:

Paste as New - If used with the 'Paste As New' function, it creates a new product by copying the original product information, but the newly created product is independent from the one that it was copied from. This function is used to create a new product that has similar characteristics to another product already existing in the software, so you don't need to enter the information from scratch. To proceed, right-click on the product whose information you want to copy, click on 'Copy' and then right-click on the Category that you want your new product to be on, and click on 'Paste As New'. Because the SKU number must be unique for every product, the Wizard will ask you to enter a SKU number for your new Product. This will paste the original product information as a new product, so you can change its information without altering the product that it was copied from.

Paste - However, if you click on 'Paste' instead of 'Paste As New' and make modifications to the new product, the product information which it was copied from will also change. This is because the 'Paste' function should only be used to display the same product in two or more categories on your E-Commerce web site and shopping cart. In fact, the Product that you pasted is the same product as you copied.

NOTE: When 'Paste' or 'Paste as New' is used, the new item will automatically be placed as the last item of the Category it You may move the item to the top by checking the box next to the item name and clicking on "move to top".

IMPORTANT: If you change information in a Product that has been copied using the 'Paste' option, it will change every copy of the product with the same SKU on your web site.

Copying and Pasting Other Items:

In some cases you may wish to copy or cut a "Category", "Group of Options", "Option" or some other "Icon" and paste it onto a different location on the tree. This can be easily accomplished:

To "Copy" or "Cut" an icon, right-click on it and then select "Copy" or "Cut". Then right-click on a parent destination icon and select "Paste" or "Paste as New". You should be aware that the 'Paste' function will be disabled or "grayed out" in some cases because the destination is not compatible or capable of Paste to it.

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