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Please use caution when using HTML code on any section of the FORTUNE3 Wizard. Adding improper HTML code may cause certain pages to display or function improperly. Please make sure that any opening HTML tags are properly closed.

The Wizard will support the manual entry of most HTML tags such as <B>, <I>, <U>, <FONT>, <TABLE>, <TR>, and <TD> among many others. However, certain tags are not permitted anywhere on your site. The tags that are not allowed are the following:

<BASE ...>
<?php ... ?>
<% ... %>

In addition, because your template should already contain the HTML tags listed below, please do not include any of the following HTML tags into any section of the FORTUNE3 Wizard that says HTML OK, or into any web page that is within the company's template:


These tags should only be included in the template's HTML code or in any Stand-Alone informational web page (page without the template) that you may have.

All other tags are permitted and compatible in all HTML panels and files, and all HTML OK sections.

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