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Find the answers to the most frequent questions related to the use of Fortune3's Shopping Cart and Ecommerce wizard software & services. Click on each question to view its answer.

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General Questions - Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I host my store on my own web server or with my hosting company?
At the moment, Fortune3 Shopping Carts can only be hosted on the Fortune3 Servers, and cannot be hosted outside of our hosting environment. Fortune3 uses state-of-the-art equipment in order to provide a fast and reliable service to our customers. Hosting uptime is 99.99% and sites perform at top speeds. Fortune3 also offers Dedicated Hosting (your own unique server) for companies that require their own server in order to handle high volumes of traffic and large numbers of daily transactions efficiently. Please contact us at sales@fortune3.com or call 877-693-3227 / 305-428-3994 for more information on Dedicated Hosting.

2. What is the price of your software and services?
Fortune3 does not sell the software as a stand-alone boxed program. Instead we provide a service that includes the software and all of its features, web hosting for your shopping cart, and 24/7 support. Our monthly pricing is based on the number of products that you have for sale on your web store. Please visit our Pricing / Plans page for pricing details.

3. Why does my site's URL change to www.myfortune3cart.com/myusername/ at the checkout / secure pages?
All of your site's Secure SSL pages (identified by an ' https:// ' URL and a lock on the browser) will show the Fortune3 domain name unless you purchase your own SSL certificate for your domain. During your signup process, you have the ability to choose whether you want to use Fortune3's FREE SSL, or purchase an SSL for your domain name. If you choose Fortune3's FREE SSL, all of your site's secure (https://) pages will display as https://www.myfortune3cart.com/yourusername/ on the URL bar, while all other pages (browsing) will be shown under your domain name.

If you purchase your own SSL certificate all pages on your site, including all checkout and secure pages, will display your domain name on the URL Address Bar.

To learn more about SSL or to purchase an SSL for your domain name, please click here.

4. How can I purchase / use my own SSL Certificate with my Fortune3 store?
You may purchase a Geotrust SSL certificate directly from Fortune3 at discounted prices, or purchase any SSL certificate from any 3rd party provider.

During your e-commerce hosting signup process, you will be given the option to purchase an SSL certificate from Fortune3. You may also purchase this separately from the signup on the Fortune3 Store by clicking here.

5. Is Fortune3 PCI Compliant?
Yes. Fortune3 has recently partnered with McAfee Secure to ensure that our systems are fully PCI-Compliant. Fortune3 meets and exceeds all current PCI requirements and our systems have been deemed 100% PCI Compliant.

Fortune3 also offers it's individual clients a variety of packages from McAfee, including the McAfee Secure Seal and $99 PCI-Compliance so that you can assure your visitors that your site is safe and secure!

For more information on these packages, please click on the link below:


6. How long after I upload will my site and HTML pages get updated?
When you first upload your site, you will be able to view your changes in CGI format right away. After your site has been successfully uploaded, your pages will then gradually be converted from CGI to HTML. The HTML conversion process is done primarily for Search Engine purposes. The time length of this conversion depends on the amount of data it needs to convert. If you have over 1,000 Products on your store then the conversion will generally convert that night, but may take approximately 24 hours to a few days to be completed. If you have less than 1,000 Products on your store then the conversion process will take anywhere from a few minutes to an hour or two, depending on the server traffic and amount of HTML pages that need to be updated. Please note that though your site will be fully updated once your upload is complete, if you get to it via your domain name. However, if you go directly to an HTML page (.html extension) on your site, that page may not be updated yet with your latest upload information, because the HTML conversion is not yet complete.

7. I need to add more products to my store, how can I upgrade to the next monthly plan?
You will automatically be upgraded to the plan that fits the number of products you have as you go over the limit of number of products that you are allowed to have on your current plan. To request a manual upgrade or downgrade, please submit a ticket:

http://support.fortune3.com/en/deskpro/newticket.php?subject=Request for Monthly Plan Change

8. What do I get with my E-Commerce Hosting plan?
Your monthly hosting fee includes:

- A license to use The Most Advanced Shopping Cart Software by Fortune3™
- 99.9% Server Uptime
- FREE 24/7 Around the Clock Technical Support
- Unlimited Amount of File Space
- Unlimited Amount of Bandwidth
- Unlimited Amount of E-mail Accounts using your own Domain(s)
- Unlimited Amount of Domain Names to use
- Free Domain Name Registration for your Online Store
- Complete Online Store Administration and Website Management
- Fortune3™ Secure SSL with 256 bit Encryption for Maximum Safety
- Shopping Cart Integration with PayPal, Checkout by Amazon, & Google Checkout
- Shopping Cart Integration with the Major Shipping Carriers
- Shopping Cart Integration with Quickbooks® & PeachTree®
- Thousands of Shopping Cart Features

9. How can I close / cancel my account and web store with Fortune3?
In order to request to cancel / close your Fortune3 Account, please submit a ticket requesting to close the account via the link below. If possible, please provide us with the reason for the cancellation (for our quality monitoring).

http://support.fortune3.com/en/deskpro/newticket.php?subject=Request to Cancel Account

Domain Names - Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I use my own domain name(s) on my Fortune3 store?
You can use any domain name, with any extension (international included), and as many domain names as you like with your Fortune3 Store.

If you have already purchased the domain name from any provider:

In this case, your domain name must be pointed to our DNS servers. Log in to your Fortune3 Administration Site and go to "Manage > Domains & E-mails > My Domains". Follow the instructions under Step 1 and Step 2 in order to use your domain name with your Fortune3 store.

If you have not yet purchased your domain name:

You may purchase one directly from Fortune3 by going here:


Or you may purchase a domain name from any provider. Once your purchase is complete, please follow the instructions in the section above titled "If you have already purchased the domain name from any provider". You will not need point your domain to our DNS servers in this case, as when you purchase the domain name from Fortune3, the domain will automatically point to our DNS servers.

2. How can I use a sub-domain name for my online store?
In order to have your Fortune3 store accessed through a sub-domain name (Example: shop.mydomain.com, or store.mydomain.com) you would need to create the sub-domain on your end (through your domain's hosting provider), and use a CNAME record to point your sub-domain to our servers. Simply point the CNAME to www.fortune3.com.

After you have done this, you will need to log in to the Fortune3 Admin Site and go to "Manage -> My Domains", and on this screen, enter your sub-domain into Step 2.

Following these steps should enable your sub-domain.

E-Mail Related - Frequently Asked Questions
1. What can Fortune3 do about all the Spam e-mails I receive?
You actually only receive about 10% of the spam that is sent to you, all thanks to the anti-spam software that we have installed onto our e-mail servers.

Additional Spam Protection Advice:

If you are using our Webmail system to send and receive e-mail, you can use anti-spam features by going to the Options section of your Web Mail e-mail account, and enabling these features from there.

If you are using Microsoft Outlook, Microsoft Outlook Express or any other type of e-mail software program, you can use the anti-spam features that it comes with (junk mail settings) or you can purchase additional anti-spam software that would be compatible with your e-mail software program.

2. Why can't I send e-mails? They are being returned with bounce back messages.
There could be several reasons why your outgoing e-mails may be getting returned. The bounce back e-mail that you got itself gives you the information as to why the e-mail was returned. Below are some common bounce-back messages and solutions:

553 sorry, that domain isn't in my list of allowed rcpthosts :

This error usually means that your ISP does not allow you to send e-mails from port 25 on your computer's Internet Connection. To fix this, we have enabled port 587, so that you may use it for Outgoing Mail. Please go to your Mail Program's "Account Settings" section, go to the "Advanced" tab (click on More Settings in Outlook 2007), and change the Outgoing Port (SMTP) from 25 to 587.

This should fix the error.

451 http://www.spamhaus.org/query/bl?ip=XX.XX.XX.XX :

This error means that your IP address is blocked as spam on the SpamHaus database. Fortune3's mail servers use SpamHaus in order to minimize the amount of spam e-mail that comes into our servers. To fix this, we have enabled port 587, so that you may use it for Outgoing Mail without going through your ISP's port, but through our port. Please go to your Mail Program's "Account Settings" section, go to the "Advanced" tab (click on More Settings in Outlook 2007), and change the Outgoing Port (SMTP) from 25 to 587.

This should fix the problem. We also suggest that you click on the link on the e-mail that goes to the SpamHaus website, so you can see why your IP address is listed there, and how you can remove it.

3. How can I add / modify e-mail forwarding?
In order to activate e-mail forwarding (aliases), please log in to your e-mail management console:


Login with the E-mail Address and Password for the e-mail address that you want to forward to other accounts.

Once you are logged in, click on "Change your forward". On the "To" textbox, enter 1 e-mail address per line for each account that you want your e-mails to be forwarded to. Select whether you would like to keep a copy of the incoming e-mails on your e-mail account (Deliver to local mailbox) or only forward to the specified e-mail addresses, and click on Edit Alias to save your changes.

4. How can I have my e-mail accounts hosted with another e-mail provider / change my MX records?
In order to change your domain's MX Records, you will need to access the Advanced DNS changes screen located in the Fortune3 administrative site. Please login to your Fortune3 administrative site by clicking on the link below:


Once logged in, click on Manage > Domains & E-mails > Advanced DNS Manager

The Advanced DNS Manager will list your current MX Records and allow you to update them as you wish. Changes to MX Records will take effect in less in one hour or less.

Fortune3 Wizard Related - Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I work on my site from multiple computers / locations?
You can easily manage your e-commerce store from two or more computers / locations with the Fortune3 Wizard. Please follow these guidelines when planning to do so:

1) Make sure that you download and install the Fortune3 Wizard on every PC before you will work on your site from that PC. You can download the Fortune3 Wizard from any PC by going to the Fortune3 website or by logging into your Admin Site and clicking on "Download Wizard" on the top menu.

2) If you want to work on your site from a computer that hasn't worked on it before, log in to the Fortune3 Admin Site and once you are logged in, go to "Tools" > "Rescue Company Data". This window will ask you for an e-mail address. Enter the e-mail address that you have access to via the computer you are trying to make changes on. The Fortune3 system will then pack up your entire site's Wizard data into a file, and send it to that e-mail address. This process can sometimes take up to 10 minutes, depending on the size of your site. Once you receive this e-mail, follow the link to download the file and save it somewhere on your computer. After this, import using the "Import Company Data" option. This will import the latest upload that you made to your site. When it asks you if you wish to overwrite your webpages / template files, choose "Yes" so that you make sure that you have all the latest information.

3) Keep in mind that the Fortune3 Wizard works with local files on each PC, meaning if you make a change on the Fortune3 Wizard in one computer, the change will not be automatically made on Fortune3 Wizard software previously installed on other computers. If you make changes in one computer and want to then make changes from a 2nd computer, you will have to recover the latest data that was last uploaded from the first computer by performing a "Rescue Company Data" process from the 2nd computer. This process will have to be followed every time you switch computers or have someone else work on the site from a separate computer, as long as the last changes to the site were not made from that same computer.

4) This being said, there is one thing you'll need to watch for. You should never have two or more people adding products to the Wizard via two or more separate computers at the same time. The reason for this is because your computers will not be in "sync" with each other. What you'll need to do, is add products on one computer, upload the latest information to our server, and then process another Rescue to be imported onto the other computer this exact same way. Without doing this, the second computer will never know about the latest changes on the server, and if you upload, it will overwrite and replace the changes made by the first computer. If two or more people need to be entering product information at one time, we highly suggest that instead of directly using the Wizard software, that they create Excel spreadsheets for the products to be imported into the software (all product information can be imported via an Excel file). You can find more information on Product Imports at the link below.


2. How can I create a backup of my site's files and Wizard data?
You can create a backup file by opening your company with the Fortune3 Wizard and going to Import / Export -> Export Company Data (to Rescue File). Additionally, the Fortune3 ECommerce and shopping cart system automatically asks you if you would like to upload a backup file to the servers every time you upload your site. Fortune3 recommends that you do this frequently, otherwise you will not be able to recover the data as you have just uploaded it. If you would like to download a backup file that has been uploaded to the servers, you can do so from any location. Please log in to the Fortune3 Admin Site:


Once you log in, go to "Tools -> Rescue Company Data" and follow the steps to recover your Wizard data. With this tool, you will be sent a backup file with your site's entire Wizard data and files exactly as it was the last time the backup file was uploaded. Your entire site and all the files and data it contains will be on this backup file.

3. How do I set up my 'Wholesale Customers' to place orders with discounted prices?
In order for your shopping cart to be able to process orders from 'Wholesale Customers', please enable the 'Wholesale Web Site'. To access this option within your Wizard, go to the "My Company" section. From the tab bar select "Wholesale Options" and check mark the "Create Wholesale Web Site" box.

First-time users visiting your 'Wholesale Web Site' will be required to fill out an online application to register a wholesale account. Once the application is received, the Store Administrator is notified via E-Mail. The 'Administration Site' will expect for the administrator to decide on the new application by granting or denying access to the new user. If access is granted, the administrator must provide a price level for the customer, either by assigning one of the available price levels, or by creating an exclusive price list.

Once the administrator has granted access, the wholesale customer will receive an e-mail notifying them, and they will be able to log in to the 'Wholesale Web Site' with the credentials that they entered, and shop with their assigned pricing.

The 'Administration Site' also allows editing and/or copying any price list from one customer to another, and allows you to manually add a new wholesale customer.

You may access your wholesale customer manager by logging into to your Admin Site, and going to "Manage -> My Wholesale Customers".

For more information on setting up your Wholesale Site, please go to this page:


4. How do I specify my Company's Return Policy and Terms?
The 'Return Policy' and 'Terms' statements are created automatically after you fill in the 'Return Policy' entry form. To specify a 'Return Policy', within the Wizard, click on "My Company" icon and then on the "Return Policy" tab. Once open, simply fill in the appropriate settings. To modify the content itself or HTML code of the 'Return Policy' and 'Terms' web pages, click on "My Web Pages"' icon. Then, from the left panel, select or "Terms" and click on the "Edit Page" button to start editing.

5. What languages does the Wizard support?
At the moment our software will only support languages which are based on the Latin Alphabet. For example: English, Spanish, French, Portuguese, etc. Our system will not support other characters (other alphabets) just yet.

We are not yet sure when this will be available, however we do have an integrated language translator in which you can use to allow your customers to automatically translate your pages as they view them. As this system uses the Google Translator tool, the translation may not be exact, and not everything may be translated.

6. Do you have a Mac OS version of your software?
Unfortunately we do not offer our shopping cart software for Mac OS, however, from any Mac system, you can install and run the Fortune3 Wizard from any Windows Parallels application. Parallels have been proven to work without any flaws with the Fortune3 Wizard. Mac users can also easily access the Fortune3 Administration Site through their preferred web browser where they will be able to manage their orders among other things.

7. I lost all of my Wizard data, how can I recover it?
You can easily download a backup file of your Wizard data and files from the servers, to do this please log in to the Fortune3 Admin Site:


Once you log in, go to "Tools -> Rescue Company Data" and follow the steps to recover your Wizard data. With this tool, you will be sent a backup file with your site's entire Wizard data and files exactly as it was the last time a backup file was uploaded (make sure to perform backups frequently!).

8. My Carrier Real-Time Shipping costs are off, why?
The most common reason why your carrier rates ( UPS, DHL, FedEx, and/or USPS ) quotes could be off is because you have entered incorrect or improper weight / dimensions into your products and/or or boxes. Please check these settings.

If you are getting overly expensive shipping quotes when more than 1 item is ordered from your site, it is most likely due to the fact that you have not set up your boxes properly in order for the system to pack many items into as few boxes as possible. The carriers' rates multiply in cost as more boxes are needed per shipment. You should add custom boxes that are large enough to fit many of your items in this case to avoid this from happening. The Fortune3 Shopping Cart will automatically fit as many items as it can into the lowest number of boxes available. This calculation is based on the dimensions of your items and the dimensions of your boxes.

You will need to designate the box-sizes your company uses for shipping your products. This section can be accessed in the Fortune3 Wizard's "Shipping Information" > "My Boxes" section. You can either use the preset boxes for each shipping method, or create your own custom boxes to be used for all shipping methods. For example, preset UPS boxes, will only work with UPS shipping methods, and preset FedEx boxes will only work with FedEx shipping methods. They cannot be mixed. If you need boxes for other shipping methods, or larger boxes for any method available, please create your own custom box sizes within the "Shipping Information" > "My Boxes" section. Please view the link below to get more information on how the box consolidation system works, and how to create new boxes.


My Products Related - Frequently Asked Questions
1. How can I offer 'Products with Options' in my shopping cart?
The Fortune3 Ecommerce & Shopping Cart Wizard software provides the ability to create a "Product with Options" so your customers will be able to fully customize their orders seamlessly at your online store. In a "Product with Options", each "Group of Options" represents one set of choices to be offered to the buyer. Thus the buyer can customize the product before actually adding the product to the shopping cart by selecting one of the available options from the group. Each "Group of Options" is created through an "Options" icon. You can create as many Group of Options as you want.

To Create a "Group of Options", right-click on the "Options" icon that is connected to the Product with Options and then select "Add Group of Options". You must provide a name to identify each Group of Options you're offering to customers, such as "Monitor Type". For every "Group of Options" that you create you will be prompted to fill in its "Default Option" entry-form and at least one "Alternate Option". Please notice that all of the "Products with Options" in a category with a "Common Options" icon will be offered with its common options.

2. Can I place zero for the weight and dimensions of a product?
Yes you can, but if the product's weight or dimensions are set to 0, the system will not be able to calculate a shipping cost for the product when using real-time shipping methods or a shipping method that is based on the weight of the order, and will give the customer a "To Be Arranged" option for shipping. This will happen unless your shipping methods are not based on the weight or on real-time shipping methods from the carriers.

In order to properly calculate shipping from the real-time carrier methods, all products need to have an approximate weight, and all dimensions filled in. Zero should not be entered for any of the dimensions or the weight in this case.

3. Can I sell digital / downloadable products?
Yes! Fortune3's shopping cart software completely automates the delivery of digital or downloadable products. Simply browser for the file in your product's Properties screen, and let the system take care of the rest! Your customers will automatically be taken to a hidden location to download the product they have just purchased (link only works for up to 10 days).

Custom Design / Templates - Frequently Asked Questions
1. How do I change the Layout of my Online Store?
To modify /change your site's layout click on "My Web Pages" icon in the Fortune3 Wizard. On the "My Web Pages" window, click on the "My Template" button.

With your template selected, click on "Modify" (if it's a Custom Template only) or "Modify As". This will download the template that you chose and ask you to name it. You will then be taken to the HTML Editor where you can directly edit the template. You can make your changes to the code directly, or click on "File -> Save & Close" to exit this screen and use an HTML editor like Dreamweaver to edit your template. If you would like to edit the template with one of these external HTML editing programs, simply open the HTML program, and click to open this file:

C:\Program Files\Fortune3 Wizard\Templates\YourTemplateName\content.html

* YourTemplateName is the name you gave to your template when you downloaded it with the Fortune3 Wizard.

This file controls your site's template. Make your changes to the file and simply save the file, once you save the file, simply upload your site with the Fortune3 Wizard to make the changes on your site.

More information on modifying the templates is available on the Wizard Help system here:

Modify Template with HTML Editor: http://www.fortune3.com/en/wizardhelp/online_shopping_cart_template_setuppage.shtml#modifytemp

Modify Template with a program like Dreamweaver or Frontpage:

2. What HTML tags are not supported by the Fortune3's Wizard software?
The Wizard will support the manual entry of most simple formatting tags such as <B>, <I>, <U>, and others. However, certain tags are not permitted in pages generated by the Wizard. The tags that are not allowed are the following:

<BASE ...>
<?php ... ?>
<% ... %>

3. How can I remove the 'Powered by Fortune3' link?
The only way to have this text and link removed is by having the Fortune3 staff remove it from showing on your site. This has a one-time customization cost of $50. If you would like this text removed, please click here.

Please note that having this text and link on your site is beneficial to your website as you are helping to improve the fortune3.com ranking, which in turn greatly helps your own ranking and sales, because we always link back to your website.

4. Can I control the font styles on the navigational menu?
Yes, you can control the font styles in the menu. These styles come from the style.css file in your template's folder, or from the Wizard's "Fonts & Styles" screen accessible from the My Web Pages section.

The following classes are the ones that control the menu's fonts:


By changing these classes the fonts on the menu will change accordingly.

Please make sure that "style.css" is selected as the "Style Name" when you go to the "Fonts & Styles" screen accessible from the My Web Pages section in the Fortune3 Wizard.

5. What are the prices for your Custom Design Options?
Fortune3's talented web design team will develop an original / customized look and feel for your website and web store, particularly designed for your company to enhance your business, sales, and image, setting you apart from competition; all of these are proven ways to help your business grow. These are the prices for our custom design options...

Template Design:

Premium Custom Template Design - $899.95
Template Design Samples: http://www.fortune3.com/en/e_commerce_custom_template_designs.php

Logo Design:

Premium Custom Logo Design - $500.00
Logo Design Samples: http://www.fortune3.com/en/logo_design.shtml

Home Page Design:

Premium Custom Home Page Design - $350.00
Home Page Design Samples: http://www.fortune3.com/en/homepage-samples.shtml

We also have Complete Turnkey Solution Packages, these are packages that include all design options and more at discounted prices. The prices for Turnkey Solutions are as follows...

Basic Turnkey Solution:

- Premium Custom Template
- Premium Logo Design
- Premium Custom Homepage Design
A $1,750 value for only $1,299!

Advanced Turnkey Solution:

- Premium Custom Template
- Premium Logo Design
- Premium Custom Homepage Design
- Custom Buttons Design
A $2,075 value for only $1,599

Platinum Turnkey Solution:

- Premium Custom Template
- Premium Logo Design
- Premium Custom Homepage Design
- Custom Buttons Design
- Up to 3 Informational Webpage Designs
- Product Insertion from spreadsheet
A $3,200 value for only $2,499

During your e-commerce hosting signup process, you will be given the option to purchase any of these design options from Fortune3. You may also purchase this separately from the signup on the Fortune3 Store by clicking here.

If you would like to get a custom quote or move forward in having our expert team design you a professional and great looking website and shopping cart, you may contact us our sales department at anytime by phone at (877) 693-3227 / (305) 428-3994 or by submitting a ticket here:

http://support.fortune3.com/en/deskpro/newticket.php?subject=Custom Web Design

Credit Card Processing / Order Placement - Frequently Asked Questions
1. An order came in with status "Manual" or "Open". Where are the funds for the order going to?
Generally this will happen when an order has been placed using a payment method on a site that does not have a direct way to automatically process the payment via this selected payment method.

If the status of an order is "Manual", the funds will not go anywhere, the order has not been charged and the system is expecting you to charge the order on your own terms.

If you are planning on processing payments only via PayPal and/or Google Checkout, (with the exception of the "PayPal Website Payments Pro" gateway), your site can only process the payments by having your customers go through Google Checkout's or PayPal's site to make the payment and complete their order. If this is the case, you can prevent order from coming in as "Manual" by going into the "Retail Options" and "Wholesale Options"(if applicable) sections of the Fortune3 Wizard, and un-checking all payment methods other than PayPal. You would need to un-check Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, etc. You will only want to keep PayPal selected as the available payment method. PayPal's checkout will let your customers finalize their orders by using credit cards or by using their personal PayPal account.

You should only have credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, etc) enabled as Payment Methods in the Fortune3 Wizard if you have your e-commerce site is linked to a payment gateway processor, or if you have a means to manually charge credit cards by keying in the credit card numbers, expiration dates, and addresses if needed (this information is provided via the Admin Site if you are a signed up customer only).

If you have enabled certain credit cards as Payment Methods on the Wizard, and you do not have your site connected to a gateway processor to process credit cards, the system will simply save the credit card information and set the status to "Manual", expecting you to charge the credit card manually.

Some payment methods that are not credit / debit cards or e-checks (Personal Check, Check, Wire Transfer, Cash, Credit, or COD) will also make orders come in with a status of "Manual", because they are expecting you to manually collect the payment from the customer.

2. Why can't I see my customers' Credit Card Security Code (CVC / CVV2) number?
Although our system does force your customers to enter their credit card's CVV2 security code, it does not save or display the CVV2 number to you or to the customer anywhere. This is because of a law that prohibits any company from storing these numbers on a database or anywhere else. Since we do not save the numbers on the database, we cannot display them.

This law is enforceable by the PCI / CISP compliance program that Fortune3 must abide by. No exceptions are possible.

The CVV2 number is only collected by Fortune3 for the purpose of sending it to the credit card payment gateway processor (if one is connected to the web store). It is never saved or stored by Fortune3.

3. Why does the credit card number show up as Xs on the order?
This is because your account is in a free 30 day trial period, or your sub-user is set to block credit card numbers.

During your free 30 day trial period, you won't be able to process any credit cards with the Fortune3 system. You would have to sign up as a paying member in order to be able to view the credit card numbers on the order administration page (in the Admin Site).

If you are not on the trial period, and are a paying customer, the only reason why you would see X's instead of the credit card number is because the sub-user that you are logged in under has the credit card numbers blocked. If you want to allow the sub-user to view the credit card numbers, please login to the Fortune3 Admin Site with the master account, go to "Manage -> Administration Users", click to edit the sub-user account that you want to edit, and select Yes for "Show Credit Card Numbers".

4. How can I have my shopping cart accept credit cards directly?
You can set up your shopping cart to automatically process credit cards directly through the Fortune3 Checkout on your site, without the use of Google Checkout or PayPal.

In order to do this, you will need to set up a Payment Processing Gateway and a Merchant Account. Our system will link directly to your Payment Processing Gateway, which will process your site's payments directly on your site. The Gateway being the "middle-man", will securely authorize the transactions, and transfer the funds from the customer to your Merchant Account.

Fortune3 can set you up to process payments online and directly on your online store. We offer merchant account and gateway services for excellent rates. Click below for more information:

For more information on integrating your current Payment Processing Gateway into your Fortune3 Account or to set one up through us, please click the link below:


5. We already have a payment gateway processor that can process credit cards online. Can I use it?
In 99% of cases, yes you can:

If you already have an Internet Merchant Account and Processing Gateway, we can link it to your Fortune3™ online store and online shopping cart solution for just a $69.95 one-time setup charge.

Fortune3™ already has the following payment processing gateways integrated to our E-Commerce Solutions:

ACHDirect / PaymentsGateway.net
Clear Commerce / Barclays / ePDQ (U.K.)
EBS (India)
ElysNet (France)
eSelectPlus / Moneris (Canada)
Evertec MMPay (Latin America)
eWAY (Australia, UK, NZ)
First Atlantic Commerce
First Data Global Gateway / LinkPoint
ICICI Payseal (India)
Innovative Gateway Solutions (Intuit)
Internet Secure
Interswitch Card Processing (Nigeria)
Maybankcard / Maybank2U (Malaysia)
Merchant e-Solutions
Merchant One
Merchant Service Center (MSC Secure)
MyGate (South Africa)
OnlineMart.ca / TD (Canada)
Orbital / Paymentech
Pagamento Digital (Brazil)
PayPal Website Payments Pro
PayPal Payflow Link
PayPal Payflow Pro
PayPoint USA
PSIGate (Canada)
Quickbooks Merchant Services
RBS WorldPay (Business & Corporate)
SagePay / PROTX (U.K.)
Sage Payments
St. George / IPN (Australia)

If you don't see your processing gateway in the list above, we can integrate the payment system you use for just $399.95!

You can choose either of these two options during your Sign-Up process by selecting the appropriate option under "Credit Card Options":


Or if you have already signed up you can purchase this service separately from the Fortune3 Store by clicking on this link:


6. Can I process credit cards manually with my swipe machine?
Yes, this can be done quite easily. As a Fortune3 client, you will have the ability to view all order information on the Administration Site once an order has been completed. This information will include the Credit Card Information, Billing Address, etc.

If you wish to process your credit cards manually with a local terminal or on your processors website, you can take the information from the orders, and input them manually. This process is very simple.

*Remember, the CVV or Credit Card Verification Number, should never be required to process an order manually. By law, this number is NOT allowed to be saved on any server database or paperwork for any reason. We do not record this data or display it for you.

7. How can I connect my E-Commerce store to my Google Checkout account?
You can easily connect your Google Checkout account for FREE. To integrate to your Google Checkout account, just log into your Fortune3 Administration Site, and go to: Tools --> Google Checkout, and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your Google Checkout account. For more information on our Google Checkout integration, please visit the web page below.


8. How can I connect my web store to my PayPal account?
You can easily connect your PayPal account for 'Website Payments Standard' and 'Express Checkout' for FREE. To integrate your PayPal account for use with 'PayPal Website Payments Standard' or 'PayPal Express Checkout', just log into your Fortune3 Administration Site, and go to: "Tools -> Link Paypal Account", and follow the on-screen instructions to connect to your PayPal Standard and/or Express Checkout.

In order to integrate the PayPal Website Payments Pro gateway system, you will need to have an active Fortune3 account, and your PayPal account must have Payments Pro enabled on it. The integration for PayPal Website Payments Pro is done by Fortune3, and has a one-time fee of $69.95. You can have Fortune3 integrate your PayPal Website Payments Pro account to your Fortune3 web store by selecting it as your payment gateway processor during your Sign-Up process:


Or if you have already signed up you can purchase this service separately from the Fortune3 Store by clicking on this link:


Or you can submit a ticket in order to request your web store to be connected to PayPal Website Payments Pro by our support de:

http://support.fortune3.com/en/deskpro/newticket.php?subject=Link PayPal Pro

For more information on our PayPal integrations, please visit the web page below:


9. Some of my PayPal orders are coming in with status "Open". Why?
A PayPal order with status "Open" simply means that the order was not completed because the customer never completed the payment once they got to the PayPal site upon checking out on your e-commerce site.

Since PayPal payments force your customers to leave your site and go to the PayPal site to make the payment (with the exception of "PayPal Website Payments Pro"), our system needs to save the transaction as soon as the customer is taken to the PayPal site to make the payment. This is when the order is saved to the database with status "Open". The Fortune3 system then waits for PayPal's system to send it confirmation that the payment was made (which is an automated process), at which time the status of the order gets changed to "Approved" and the order gets completed (and e-mail confirmations get sent out). If the payment is never made, PayPal will never send the Fortune3 system confirmation that the payment was approved, and so the order status will remain as "Open".

If you are seeing an order with status "Open" for which you received a PayPal payment for, this means that the confirmation was not sent from PayPal to Fortune3's system properly, and it may be caused by a problem or upgrade taking place in the PayPal system, or by a more specific error with your account. Please contact Fortune3 by submitting a ticket below if that is the case:

http://support.fortune3.com/en/deskpro/newticket.php?subject=PayPal Open Order Received Payment