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Add "Question"

This feature allows you to ask customers questions that must be typed in related to the product they are purchasing, further customizing their order. The question appears in a textarea field within the product page that is to be filled out by the customers if the field pertains to them, or if you choose, can be made a required field. Because a Question is treated as an Option, the Question Properties screen is very similar to the Option Properties screen, varying only in the labels/titles of some of the fields.

Right-Click on the desired Product, and click on Add "Question".

SKU - The SKU Number for this product with this question filled in. Does not need to be unique unless you

UPC Code - This is an optional field used for barcode references or for possible shopping cart customizations to integrate a web store with accounting and inventory programs that are tied to an in-store scanning device. This is not displayed to your customers.

Question Text - This is the text that will appear and be displayed as your question to the customer.

Additional Description - Larger space for a wider description available for notices or other information of interest to a buyer. Click on Edit HTML to edit the additional description and its format with the WYSIWYG / HTML Editor. This field will support general HTML tags to further enhance the appearance of the text and is therefore not limited in its number of characters (see HTML Tags for more details). This will only be displayed to customers if they click on the question to view its details.

Unit of Measure - This is a required field. This field represents the unit of the question or the amount of the current option (question) that the customer will be buying at the specified price. This will be displayed on your invoices similarly to $ ___ / Each. This field defaults to Each, but other examples include Box, Dozen, Lb., Foot, Meter, Gallon, Pair and others.

Image - Browse for an image for this question. The image will only be displayed to customers if they click on the question to view its details. Images can have a maximum file size of 500kb. That size should be large enough for an image that is up to 1200 pixels wide and in normal-high resolution. The only acceptable image file types are .jpg.

Price Variation - Allows you to alter the price of the product if the question is filled in by the customer. By specifying an amount and selecting Add or Subtract in the entry-screen of a Question, it is possible to calculate the final price of a Product with Options. It takes into account the price of the question that the buyers fill in before adding the product to the shopping cart. A floating window with the selected questions' price will automatically appear on the Product's page when there is a Price Variation so that customers know the price of the product as they are ordering it before adding it to the cart.

Set Prices by Order Qty - By enabling this option, you can set a price for this question that is based on the quantity that is added to Product.

Wholesale Price Levels (1 - 5) - Defines 5 different price variations for this question on your Wholesale shopping cart. By using the Administration Site's "Manage -> My Wholesale Customers" interface, each wholesale customer can be assigned to one of the five price levels available. Wholesale customers will then be able to order this product with this question at their assigned Price Level. These fields will be disabled if your Wholesale shopping cart is not activated in the "Wholesale Options" screen of the Wizard's "My Company" section.

Shipping: Attached / UnAttached - Specifies if a question requires Product with Options itself.

Additional Weight - Additional weight of the question. The weight is added to the product's weight when this question is filled and is included for the Shipping Cost Calculation.

Dimensions (LxWxH) - Length, Width and Height are only required when Unattached shipping is selected. They are used to Calculate shipping costs.

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