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Products with Options

The FORTUNE3 E-Commerce & Shopping Cart Wizard software has the ability to create a 'Product with Options' so that your customers can choose options

If a Product with Options is offered on your Online Store, customers will have the ability to customize several options before adding the product to the shopping cart. Some cases include computers, clothing, food-restaurant, etc. A customer can order a computer by selecting from various monitors, video-cards, hard-drives and other options that you offer. A T-shirt can be offered in several colors and sizes.

To add a Product with Options, select the "Product Category" target (on the category that you want to add the product to), then right-click on it and select "Add Product with Options". Enter the information

For instructions on how to fill out the Product Properties Screen, click here.

If you had already added your product, but not as a Product with Options, but as a regular Product, you can easily turn it into a Product with Options by right-clicking on the product's icon, and clicking on "Change to Product with Options". Your icon will then change, and by clicking on the plus sign (+) to the left of it, you can extend it to see the "Options" icon underneath it. Proceed by adding your Groups of Options, click here for instructions. You can also do the opposite and change a Product with Options into a Product by right-clicking on the product's icon, and clicking on "Change to Product". Be aware that when you do that, you will permanently remove all of the Options that are associated with that product.

Fill in the product's information and then click on "Save and Close".

The Wizard will then automatically Prompt you if you would Add a Group of Options to this product.

What to do here?
If you want to present several options (such as sizes, colors, or optional accessories) for your customers to choose from before ordering this product, click on Yes. Otherwise, if you simply want to copy/paste options from another product, click on No and you will return to the tree view. Otherwise, you may have added a Product with Options when you should have simply added a Product, if that is the case, click on No and then when you are back in the tree view, right-click on the product and "Change to Product".

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