Security Features - Fortune3 Software.
Your data will be kept safe & secure.
Protect your Customers' Information with the Fortune3. SSL & PCI Compliant Shopping Cart.
SSL Encryption
Every ecommerce store with Fortune3 has a 256 Bit SSL encrypted checkout to protect private data. Fortune3 ensures a smooth and safe transaction process, from start to finish - your customers' information and order data are transmitted securely. Additional security features are also available as upgrades.
Unlimited Bandwidth
No matter how many visitors your store experiences, you will not get billed for that. Fortune3 wants to see your business grow, and have as may customers as possible. Unlimited bandwidth is included with all our ecommerce hosting plans. And most importantly, all of your customers will browse and checkout safely and secure.
Secure Shopping Cart System:
Protect your Customers' Information with the Fortune3 Ecommerce Software
You may notice that when requesting a secure page on your Fortune3 Website, while using the free SSL we provide with our service, you are automatically redirected to: https://www.myfortune3cart.com/username/

This is because SSL's are specific to the domain being secured. If you are utilizing our free SSL, then you will be redirected to our domain. If you purchase your own SSL on your domain, this will no longer happen. The Fortune3 shopping cart & Ecommerce software would then just forward your secure pages directly to: https://www.yourdomain.com and your entire site will remain on your Domain name. You may purchase your own Geotrust SSL directly from Fortune3, offering 3 different levels of security and validation - click on the link below.
PCI Compliant Shopping Cart Software & Ecommerce Hosting - McAfee Secure / PCI Verified

Is Fortune3 PCI-Compliant?
Yes! Through our partnership with McAfee Secure, Fortune3's system is scanned on a daily basis for possible vulnerabilities, and is assured to meet all requirements for PCI Compliance and the McAfee Secure seal. Fortune3's Ecommerce hosting environment is 100% PCI Compliant.

Will my business automatically be PCI Compliant when using Fortune3?
No, although Fortune3 and its servers are certified to be PCI-Compliant, this does not mean that any business hosting with Fortune3 is PCI-compliant. Each company must go through its own PCI Compliance through a proper scanning vendor and answer the Self-Assessment Questionnaire that is required for PCI Compliance

Fortune3 recommends McAfee Secure for PCI compliance and for the McAfee Secure Seal, proven to increase sales by 10-15%! Fortune3's partnership with McAfee Secure can provide you with great discounts for McAfee Secure and PCI Compliance, starting at $99 / year for PCI Compliance!