McAfee SECURE™ for Websites - Fortune3 Software.
McAfee SECURE™ for Websites.
Fortune3 Ecommerce and McAfee have partnered to bring you Simple, Reliable and Affordable PCI Compliance with savings on one of the Internet’s most-recognized trust marks, McAfee SECURE™.

Secure E-commerce Solution
In testing, McAfee SECURE customers have seen an average increase of 12% in their online sales conversions.Why?

A McAfee SECURE™ trustmark on your site distinguishes your online business as one that protects its customers by providing a safe shopping experience:

  • Daily and ongoing rigorous security scans for identity theft, credit card fraud, spyware, and other threats.

  • Over 80,000 websites proudly display the McAfee SECURE trustmark.

  • Backed by McAfee-the world's largest dedicated security company.

  • Comprehensive site scanning that tests a merchant’s website for more than 40,000 vulnerabilities.

  • McAfee SECURE Trustmark Increases Sales Conversion by an Average of 12%

  • Consumers immediately recognize the McAfee brand and are reassured when they visit a website that uses the McAfee SECURE service

  • Increase Your Visibility in All Major Search Engine Results

  • Unlimited online, phone and email support from McAfee certified security specialists
McAfee PCI Certification Service
  • Everything you need for PCI/DSS compliance

  • Easy validation report generation for required proof of compliance from an Approved Scanning Vendor (ASV)

  • Cost-effective and reliable

  • Properly enroll your company’s domains and IP addresses, launch on-demand scans as needed, and access full remediation support.

  • Unlimited online, phone and email support from McAfee certified security specialists

  • Helps you to understand questions and correctly fill out the SAQ to save you time and effort

Why McAfee?


McAfee® PCI Compliance Service is a simplified, easy-to-use system for Level 2-4 merchants that need to successfully and confidently complete the steps necessary for PCI certification. Originally developed for Visa International, the service includes automated state-of-the-art scanning, an online self-assessment questionnaire, McAfee Technical Assist (extensive technical support, such as vulnerability remediation assistance), and the PCI Wizard to help manage compliance activities. Tens of thousands of organizations around the world - from government agencies and online retailers, to nonprofits and manufacturers - trust McAfee to audit their initial and ongoing PCI compliance status.

McAfee Support Contact:

Phone: 1(877) 302-9965 Toll-Free in US
Email: support@mcafeesecure.com
For more information and pricing contact:

Kevin Raines
Email: Kevin_Raines@McAfee.com
Phone: 972-987-2257