Online Shopping Cart - Platform Features

Everything you need to open an online store
Our online shopping cart platform offers 1000s of features to effectively build, manage and
market your ecommerce website. fortune3 is fully integrated with today's industry leaders
Shopping Cart Feature Selection
Open your own online store with thousands of built-in features. Accept credit cards, use
your own domain, customize your shopping cart and we host everything for you!
Product Setup
Copy & Paste / Drag & Drop Tree
Editing your products is very simple and efficient with our unique visual "Product Tree" structure which allows for easy visualization, organization, and access to modify your items. Also allows copying & pasting / dragging & dropping of your products, categories, and options. Multiple item selection editing capabilities for all items.
Easily edit and design any item's description, additional description, and Product Tabs with our easy-to-use WYSIWYG HTML Editor.
Easily make bulk changes
With our "Bulk Changes" tool you can easily make mass changes to your categories, products, or options in bulk. You can update prices or description fields, and can also use conditions to make the changes only affect certain items based on certain criteria.
Editable category & product pages
Choose from numerous free Ecommerce templates (layouts) that are available for both category and product pages. Web developers can modify any of these "Cart Templates" to fit the look of your Ecommerce store and shopping cart Website.
Multiple Currencies
Allow your visitors to view your prices in their currency by using our currency conversion tool. Don't worry about modifying the exchange rates, the currency converter uses a prominent exchange-rates database that is constantly updated with the latest exchange rates.
Hide products, options, or categories
Click a simple setting to hide a category, product, or option, and another setting to bring it back whenever you like.
Options for Products
Sell customizable products: Setup a custom product ordering system to offer customers unlimited options when ordering their products - item upgrades - color / size selection - add / choose components, parts, accessories, add-ons, etc. Options are fully flexible, allowing you to alter the price of the product and shipping dimensions/weight. You can also display separate images for your options.
Control How Options are Displayed
Using the Wizard software, you'll have the ability to setup how your Product's Options are displayed in either Radio Buttons, a Drop-Down Box, Qty Fields, or Checkmarks. Depending on your options, your customers may want to view a list of options, or to be able to choose just one at a time. Our shopping cart software allows customers to enter a quantity on each option, if this is how you wish to offer your Products and Options. Options can also be displayed in multiple columns (you choose how many), and you can choose to display the option images next to each option.
Option Images
Assign images to options and choose to replace the product's main image for the selected option's image.
Embroidery and Text-Input Options
Add text boxes (aka "Questions") for the customer to type in when adding a product. Customer input is saved with every order.
Offer Gift Wrapping
Offer Gift-wrapping as an option on your checkout process (with an optional charge).
Promo Codes (Coupons)
Customers can enter a code to redeem during their checkout and receive a discount. Promo codes can be set up to give discounts on certain products, shipping methods, or entire orders, and can be based on a percentage discount or flat discount amount.
Wholesale Pricing by level / customer
Each wholesale customer can have their own custom price list, or can be placed on one of the 6 preset price levels that you can define for each product.
Up selling / cross-selling
Up sell your products and increase your sales. Using the Cross selling feature, show your clients other products that are related, or even competitive to the current product. Providing your customers with additional choices will generally make them feel comfortable once they've decided, and possibly maximize each order's value.
Cross-Selling Discounts
Set up recommended products that receive discounts based on other products purchased (buy item X and get 15% off of item Y).
Force-Add Cross-Selling Products
Force an item to be added to the cart when another item is added to the cart through our cross-selling options. Force the same qty on the linked products. By combining this with Cross-Selling discounts, this can also be used as "purchase item X and get item Y for free".
Advanced Website Search Options
Customers can search for your products with the included advanced search engine. The search page is highly customizable, allowing you to add filters, select which fields you would like to search through, and sorting options.
Custom Fields
Create "Custom Fields" for your products to include additional information which may be product specific, such as technical specifications, or for a more organized description. Custom Fields can also be used as Search terms, or menu items, regardless if the fields are displayed anywhere on the actual product page.
Best Sellers & Featured Products
Best Sellers and Featured Products an be optionally displayed on your home page, or product and category pages according to actual sales statistics collected by the Administration Site, or you can choose your best sellers.
Import product and category data
Easily import your products, categories, and options directly from your spreadsheet or accounting software (Including Quickbooks® and Peachtree®) into the Fortune3™ Wizard / Web Store Software for easier and faster integration and product insertion or updates.
Export product and category data
Quickly export your entire product line to a spreadsheet for faster mass price changes and modifications or for use with other applications.
Multiple Product Images
The Wizard software gives you the ability to add one main image, and 6 additional images to each individual product. With a total of 7 product images per product, you're sure to have plenty of room for the images you need to be displayed on your online store to increase sales. Additionally, add images to any options offered on your products.
Choose your Image Zoom Type
Choose from 3 cool and distinct image zoom types, Magic Zoom, Center Zoom, and Lightbox. The zoom type you will choose will be used for all product images, including Additional Images.
Custom Image Thumbnail Creator
Simply add the large version of your images to the software and it will create high-quality thumbnails for you. Choose your thumbnail sizes and sizes for your pre-zoom images.
SEO: Meta Tags & Filenames
Manually enter the meta tags, title, and filename for each product and category on your online store, or leave the fields blank to use the superb automated on-page optimization.
Inventory / Accounting Import
Import & Export inventory databases from Quickbooks®, PeachTree® or any third party accounting software. Direct integration with QuickBooks Accounting and POS to import inventory through our Web-Connector integration.
Sell and Accept Gift Certificates
Easily set up Gift Certificates for sale on your web store. Gift certificates are automatically delivered to the recipient via e-mail in an attractive certificate-like layout with instructions for redeeming the Gift Certificate towards a purchase on your Online Store.
Customer Reviews
All products are made available for customer reviews for other customers to see, including a review of the entire site - Can be easily toggled on / off, and each review can be approved or declined.
Track Inventory / Accept Backorders
Utilizing our back-end Inventory Tracking System, you can fully track and manage your items' inventory quantities. Inventory can be tracked for products and for options as well. Choose whether you want to allow for back-orders to be placed or not if an item is out of stock, or choose to remove the sold-out item from the store. Get notified of low-inventory alerts based on any qty level you choose.
Recurring Products / Subscriptions
Use our recurring product feature to sell subscription-based products and services. Recurring orders will be placed automatically as new shopping cart orders without any interaction. Choose the initial and recurring payment amounts, and the frequency and number of payments.
Auto-Ship Products
Enable auto-ship products to allow customers to re-order automatically at the frequency of their choice.
Sell Digital / Downloadable Files
Securely sell and deliver your digital products to clients across the world. Customers that have purchased programs, videos, music, images, etc., can easily download their product from a temporary, secure link provided to them in the order confirmation screen and invoice e-mail.
Product Keys / PIN Delivery
Automatic delivery of Product Keys and Serial Numbers or PINs (for software vendors, calling cards, etc). Flexible setup of Keys and Import from CSV.
Search / Sort Toolbars
Each category page can include (or not include) a search / sort toolbar, where customers can drill down to the product they are looking for easily, without having to go through each of the category pages. Customers can also sort category pages to their liking. Store administrators have the ability to remove or completely customize each category's search toolbar, specifying what fields to search through, what filters to add (you can add filters like Browse by Price, Browse by Brand, or Browse by any Custom Field i.e. Author for books)
Special prices & discounts by quantity
For each product, a quantity discount can be set, allowing your customers to automatically receive these discounts once they have added items to the shopping cart reaching a quantity worthy of a discount that you've set up.
Unlimited Discount Setup Options
Unlimited product pricing configurations can be offered to customers by quantity / by level / by customer. Create discounts by quantity, category discounts, buy one and get another at a discounted percentage, or buy two of the same product and get the second discounted by a percentage. Other types of discounts available include cross-selling discounts (buy product X and receive 15% off product Y), wholesale discounts, sale prices for products (with "You Save:" disclaimer), promo code discounts (coupons), and general cart discounts (get ___ off when purchasing more than $__, etc.).
Tab Setup on Product Pages
Create Tabs to appear at the lower portion of your product page, providing your customers with a more organized Web page design, and faster, easier access to the information they need by switching between the tabs. Tabs are HTML-Friendly and you can use the WYSIWYG HTML Editor to edit your tabs.
Separate Products: Wholesale & Retail
You can specify each product to be displayed on the Retail side of your online store, the Wholesale side, or both. With this option, you have the ability to hide products from Retail customers and only have them displayed on the Wholesale side, vice-versa, or offer them on both Websites.
Design & Customization
HTML knowledge is not required
HTML knowledge can be useful in most areas, however it is not required in order to have a fully functional shopping cart system.
Fireworks® / Photoshop® compatible
All graphics, images, buttons, and template designs are compatible with the major graphics programs available, such as Fireworks and Photoshop.
Youtube / Flash / Swish compatible
Upload your Flash / Swish or Video files to your content (informational) pages, product and / or category pages, or directly to your template or header. Easily call videos from YouTube or other video sites.
Fully customizable Web page design
Create and change the look and feel of each informational / content page to fit your company's needs.
Credit Card Logo Insertion
Choose from a variety of our professional credit card logo displays, or even add your own. Logos included are Visa, Mastercard, AMEX, Discover, Maestro, PayPal Checkout, Google Checkout, and Checkout by Amazon.
Multiple Button Styles
The buttons on your site can be changed to a large variety of button templates we have provided within the software. These button templates include various colors, and design styles. Additionally, you can download these buttons to modify them yourself to create your own completely customized button theme.
Customize Category & Product Pages
With the click of a button. The Wizard allows you to choose which specific information you wish to display or hide on the Product Pages and Category Pages.
1-page and 3-page Checkout
Allow your clients to have a checkout process that best fits their needs. You can allow them to check out using a quick and organized 1 page checkout, or a more systematic 3 page checkout.
Flexible Menu Options
Fully customize your main menu and add new menus. Fully modify the look and feel of your Menus, select from different menu styles (pop-out, pull-down, etc), and create new Menus based on specific fields or even Custom Fields such as "Browse by Price", or "Browse by Brand".
Modification of Preset Site Verbiage
Easily control and modify all text present on your site, to allow full control over your site's verbiage. This feature can also allow you to permanently convert your site to any language that is based on the Latin alphabet.
Customizable Mcommerce Site
Our Mobile Commerce interface is fully customizable. Choose between multiple colors for your Mobile Store or create a completely custom template / theme for your Mcommerce site.
Easy HTML Editor (WYSIWYG)
Use the HTML editor to modify web pages, templates, or even product description fields and tabs.
Dreamweaver® / Frontpage® compatible
All template designs are compatible with the major web design programs, such as Dreamweaver and Frontpage. All HTML code and template images are available for easy modification.
Fully Customizable Storefront Design
Completely redesign the look, feel, and operation of your online store. Between the customizable templates, stand alone pages, cart templates, buttons, fonts, and integrated pages, your Ecommerce store can be displayed in any way you wish.
Predefined & customizable templates
Choose from a variety of over 40 dynamic, well designed Ecommerce templates, customize any of our templates, or create your own design for a more exclusive shopping cart Website.
Font and Style flexibility
With full access to the CSS files and original template files, you can modify the template's fonts and colors to your liking.
Multiple Category & Product Layouts
You can select from several "Cart Templates" (different layouts for categories and products). Programming experts can modify the cart templates entirely.
Editable Checkout
Add / Remove checkout fields giving you more control over the checkout process to obtain more information, or make the checkout process even faster. Add custom checkout fields and customize your login and account registration options and requirements.
Custom thumbnails Size & Views
Our system will automatically create high-quality thumbnails of your photos so that you can spend more time focusing on creating your next product. Choose your thumbnail and full image sizes.
Image zoom flexibility
Select from various zoom types for your product images.
Language Translation
Quickly configure your site to utilize Google's Translation system making it simple for your visitors to translate your site's text into any language you choose to make available for translation.
Multiple Currencies
Configure your site to allow customers to quickly change the display of prices, to any currencies you choose, from any page on your site.
Shipping & Taxes
Live shipping quote lookup
 Provide your customers with quick and precise shipping quotes which are acquired automatically and directly through the main shipping carriers.
Integration with shipping carriers
Accurate and live UPS ®, FedEx ®, USPS ®, DHL ®, Australia Post, Canada Post, Correios/Sedex (Brazil), and New Zealand Post shipping rates live on your online store's checkout. Choose which carriers and methods you use to ship your products. Your customers can then choose the shipping method of their choice from available options during the checkout process.
Create your own shipping methods
Create custom tables and define your custom shipping costs by total weight, sub-total amount, or order qty. Custom shipping methods can be added by state, by country, or by zip / postal code.
Add Surtax by Zip / Postal Code
Add additional surtaxes by Zip or Postal Code to add your county sales taxes.
Unlimited tax & shipping Options
Create and customize your needed tax rules based on multiples states and countries, according to the local and international laws applicable in your place of business.
Shipping Method Discounts
Have full control over your real-time shipping costs from the carriers, and charge a percentage extra to cover excess handling fees, or even discount them for promotions.
Shipping consolidation
Automated system which consolidates your shipments based on box sizes you choose, along with the dimensions and weight of each product being shipped. This process allows for the use of our real-time shipping system. The box consolidation will fit several products up to 90% capacity (10% for packing materials) into the smallest possible box you have supplied, to mimic your actual packaging.
One-Click Label Printing
Available for UPS, FedEx, DHL, and USPS (through our USPS.com or Endicia integration).
Multiple sales tax configuration
US State Tax Configuration, Canada, Europe - GST / HST / PST Settings for Canada, Worldwide VAT - IVA - Fully compatible
Taxable Shipping Costs (optional)
Choose whether your taxes should include the shipping costs or not based on your local government requirements.
Product & Flat Handling Fees
Customize each product to have a specific handling fee, or simply add a flat rate handling fee to every order placed. You can customize this as you wish to fit your company's needs and internal handling costs.
Automated RMA System
The system allows your customers to request RMA's on their own, and according to your settings, it can send the return shipping labels to your customers who have been approved for the RMA.
SEO & Marketing
Auto Search Engine Optimization 
System Automated creation of Keywords and Meta tags on all Product and Category Web pages giving your products and site better Search Engine visibility.
Keywords, titles, and descriptions
Using the Product / Category Names and Descriptions, the system will automatically use the best describing words as keywords for that page. This will maximize your Product / Category pages to be completely friendly with Search Engines.
Optimized HTML code / breadcrumbs
Our system automatically builds every page of your site with HTML code that uses the latest S.E.O. guidelines. Navigational breadcrumbs are also available on all category and product pages for SEO and navigational purposes.
Free SEO ( Basic Submission ) 
Your website pages will get submitted to all major search engines - no additional charge.
Affordable Custom SEO Packages 
Our expert marketing team can manually optimize your site for higher search engine placement at affordable rates. Click here for more info.
Google XML Sitemap Generator
Automated Affiliate Program
Bring more traffic to your site by setting up your Affiliate Program. When this is activated, potential affiliates can fill out an application for your Affiliate Program. Each affiliate can be set to receive commissions via "Pay Per Click" or "Pay Per Conversion". "Pay Per Conversion" can be configured as a set dollar amount, or by a percentage of the overall invoice amount.
Search Engine Friendly / Optimized
Every category, product, or informational page will be in .html format for better search engine ranking. Search engines love the way our software builds online store Web pages.
Manual Optimization of Meta Tags
Specify your own Title and Meta Tags on each Product / Category or Informational Web Pages.
SEO-Friendly / custom filenames
Fortune3 automatically assigns each category and product page an search-engine friendly .html filename that uses your product and category names, or you can specify your own filename for each Product, Category or Informational Web Page.
Upload custom/optimized HTML files
Create and upload an unlimited number of your own custom HTML pages.
Shop Site Submission / Product Feeds 
Fast and comprehensible product submission to get your products / services to your possible clients faster and more effectively. Product Feeds available for Froogle ® / Google Base, Yahoo Shopping, Shopping.com, Shopzilla, PriceGrabber, and Nextag.
Social Shopping Cart: Facebook
Sell and market your products on Facebook with the Fortune3 Social Shopping Cart App. Create a small store on facebook and reach thousands of potential shoppers. Additionally, market your store and individual products on your Facebook Wall.
Advanced Mailing List / Newsletter
Our advanced mailing list program allows you to send e-mails to all of your customers and subscribers, or to a group of customers (based on location, customer type, last order date, etc). Provide quick and easy subscriptions to your Mailing List / Newsletter for customers and visitors. Automated integration of newsletter with your shopping cart customers. Mailing List sending is available through the Administration Site.
Order Management
Fast and easy order management
Easily modify your orders through mass order status changes or one by one with the click of a button.
Generate Sales Reports
Quickly export Sales reports to CSV, XLS, or HTML.
Custom Order and Customer Reports
Generate completely customized reports for your orders and customers. Choose the fields on your reports, add filters, and much more.
Import Tracking Numbers
Quickly and efficiently import your shipments tracking information into the Administration Site to provide your customers with fast customer service along with the information they need to track their shipment.
One-Click Label Printing
Available for for USPS / UPS / FedEx / DHL - Mass label printing or one by one order label printing is available with our simple Real-Time Shipping integration Label Printing.
Mobile Ecommerce Apps
Manage your orders and customers on-the-go with the Fortune3 Mobile Apps (available for iPhone). View, manage & update orders, view order reports, search for orders, view customers, search for customers, and contact customers with the touch of your finger.
Dashboard / Graphical Sales Data
With the Admin Dashboard, you can see critical sales data and statistics in a graphical format. View your lifetime times or choose a date range and view sales by income or by # of orders. View your sales by country and/or state and regions. View charts and line graphs of your order history, top sellers, and top payment methods.
Export orders / Quickbooks ®
Shopping cart with Direct Quickbooks ®integration: Automatic data transfer of shopping cart sales and customer information using the Quickbooks Web Connector.
CartSpan® Accounting Integration
CartSpan® is fully integrated with the Fortune3 API to automatically transfer your order and customer information from Fortune3 into your accounting software. Compatible with Peachtree® / Sage 50® (US versions), and Quickbooks®.
After-Order Automated Emails
Set up automated customized emails to send to your shoppers X days after completing their order or after the order has been shipped. Ask customers to review your store and products and capitalize on the known benefits of having great customer reviews.
Real-time order management
Including functions such as Void, Authorize, Pre-Authorize, Submit Changes, etc. You can easily make major changes to an order with the click of a button, which will immediately reflect in your Payment Processing Gateway
Customer Accounts & Order History
Also allows customers to sign back in to find their general information and order history has been saved.
Abandoned Carts / Unfinished Orders
View a full report containing all information for your abandoned carts and unfinished orders, including the customer's information and items added to the cart. You may also set up automated emails to go out to customers with an abandoned cart to entice them to complete their order.
Order tracking for customers
Your customers can register and log back into your site in order to track their order status very quickly and effectively.
Inventory management
Set back order, sold out items, qty in stock - Have full control over your inventory and allow our system to remove products as they are ordered one by one, or in multiple quantities. Choose to limit your inventory so that you don't sell what you don't have or simply set them to back-order.
 Conversion Tracking / Analytics
Using third party Tracking Codes, you can track your sales and visitors. Easy integration with Google Analytics.
Export orders: PeachTree ®
Fully compatible database transfer of shopping cart orders and customer information.
StoneEdge Integration
Directly integrated with StoneEdge Technologies Order Management software. Seamlessly integrate your shopping cart with StoneEdge order management with our 2-way complete integration.
Best seller reports
Create fast and easy reports to see what products have sold the most and in what quantities.
Administrative Settings
Web-based Administration Site
Manage your orders and customers from any computer in the world! As long as you are connected from the internet from any computer, you can easily log into the Administration Site and manage all activity on your store (full order / customer / inventory control system and web site management tools).
Customer & Order data storage
Fully Secured 256bit Encryption safeguards your entire site and your clients' sensitive information from being compromised while allowing you full access from any computer.
Sub-User Administration Access
Create and limit user access on multiple Sub-Users for back-end Administration Access. A log of all changes on the Administration Site will be traced to whichever Sub-User made the specific changes and when.
Import Customer Information
To make the switch easier from your old shopping cart system to ours, you can import all previous customer information from a spreadsheet or CSV file in order to keep your old customers in the new system. This can also be used to quickly create your customers profiles that have placed orders by other methods.
Promo Codes for Discounts
Set promotional discounts on a product, products, entire orders, or even shipping methods. Promo codes can be set to either a percentage or a specific dollar amount.
Gift Certificates
Generate / Sell / Accept Gift Certificates - Manually generate Gift Certificates to send to customers, Offer Gift Certificates for purchase as a product on your site, and allow for the redemption of these Gift Certificates upon Checkout.
Inventory Control
Initial Entry / Adjustment - Manually manage and update your inventory, and let our system update your inventory as sales are made. Once an order is placed for a specific product, our back-end inventory system will remove the ordered quantity from the product's inventory count. Low Inventory Alerts allow you to stay in control of your stock, and re-order products when needed.
Traffic Statistics & Reports 
Traffic statistics and detailed traffic reports - Track your site's traffic and see who's viewing your site the most. Review which Search Engines have come through your site as well.
Automated Affiliate Program
Bring more traffic to your site by setting up your Affiliate Program. When this is activated, potential affiliates can fill out an application for your Affiliate Program. Configure this system with a "Pay Date", and each affiliate can be set to receive commissions via "Pay Per Click" or "Pay Per Conversion". "Pay Per Conversion" can be configured as a set dollar amount, or by a percentage of the overall invoice amount.
Unlimited Wholesale Customers
Set up as many wholesale clients as you wish, and bring your store's B2B capabilities to the top.
Sub-Domain Capabilities 
Create unlimited sub-domains if you wish to branch out your site in a variety of directions, forums, blogs, etc.
Built-In Marketing / Newsletter
Built-In E-mail / Marketing Campaign / Newsletter / Mailing List
Built-in Ecommerce FTP
Built-in Ecommerce FTP ( eFTP ) - Encryption / file filtering / server security against hackers - Upload your stray files directly to your root directory, or create your own directories as you wish.
E-mail Templates Control
Manage the look of all automated e-mails.
Secure Admin Login
Securely log into the Administration Site from any computer or internet ready device - Manage your orders and customers from any computer in the world! As long as you are connected from the internet from any computer, you can easily log into the Administration Site and manage all activity on your store (full order / customer / inventory control system and web site management tools).
Back-end phone order entry 
Manual order entry from the back-end Administration System - Create an order directly from the Administration Site with our simple and quick 1-page Phone Order tool.
Send Invoices
Create and send custom invoices to your customers. Customers will then be able to complete the order and pay for the invoices directly on your site's checkout by clicking on a link in the invoice e-mail. Products in the invoices can be customized to have any price or description, and you can create invoices even if you don't have the customer's address information. Additionally, you may calculate shipping and specify the shipping method and cost for the invoice when creating it, or you may choose to allow the customer to choose their own shipping method on the checkout when paying for the invoice.
Call center ready, back-end ordering
Allow for Sub-Users in any location to back-end ordering system to allow for faster and more efficient over-the-phone orders.
Custom Customer Reports
Quickly export Customer reports to CSV, XLS, or HTML.
Import Promotional Codes 
If your company offers a large number of promotional codes, you can easily create a spreadsheet or CSV file containing these codes, and then directly import them all at once into the Administration Site, immediately making these available for your customers to use.
Automated RMA System
To fully manage your merchandise return requests. Allows your customers to request an RMA on your site (based on your RMA settings). Can utilize our Real-Time Shipping and send shipping labels to your customers requesting RMA's and processes the RMA information for you.
Import Inventory
Using our Administration Site's Inventory management, you can update your inventory by importing a spreadsheet or CSV file after making your modifications to it. This will allow you to keep exact records of your inventory not only on your computer, but also on our system to keep it up-to-date.
Search engine ranking reports
See where you stand on the most popular Search Engines, and improve your rankings with one of our Search Engine Optimization Packages.
Password entry for wholesale
Secure your wholesale prices by setting up individual wholesale accounts for each B2B customer, and create multiple pricing levels to offer some clients better prices, without other clients knowing about these prices.
Unlimited Domains & Emails
Unlimited domains and email accounts, POP3 & WebMail - Set up all of your domains, and e-mail accounts easily through our Administration Site, and e-mail through a POP3 capable email program, or from any browser directly from our friendly WebMail utility. Email forwarding, catchall, and auto-replies available.
E-Mail Management
Have full control over your e-mail settings by using Autoresponders, Catchall Accounts, E-Mail Forwarding.
Mailing List / Newsletter Signup
Provide quick and easy subscriptions to your Mailing List / Newsletter for customers and visitors.
Simple Google Checkout, Checkout by Amazon & PayPal Integration
Simple Google Checkout, Checkout by Amazon & PayPal Integration - Integrate your Google Checkout, Amazon Payments, and/or PayPal accounts in less than a minute and your site will be live!
Customer Support
24/7 unlimited email / online tech support
Submit an e-mail or ticket anytime 24/7/365 and receive a quick response from our support team.
Wizard help manuals
Online and offline Wizard help manuals to assist you with your questions while building your online store. 
Knowledge Base / Ticketing System
Online Knowledge Base / Ticketing System are available to resolve your questions and concerns quickly and efficiently.
Live Chat support 
Live Chat support from 9am EST to 11:59pm EST - Open a Live Chat Session with our representatives and ask your questions directly, as it is a fast and easy way to contact us. You'll also receive a full transcript of your conversation via e-mail once you've finished.
All upgrades, updates and new versions are FREE!
Telephone support
Unlimited toll free telephone support from 9am EST to 11:59pm EST Monday - Friday and 24/7 phone support for emergencies.
Developer API Available for Custom Integrations 
Developers can connect to the easy and advanced Fortune3 API to integrate Fortune3 with 3rd Party Applications using XML.
Online Help Forum
Our help forum is available to provide you with more methods of troubleshooting and FAQ's. This tool also allows you to view questions already asked by other clients and you can converse with our other clients through the Fortune3 Community.
Unlimited Customer Support included!
Real-time shipping cost calculations
Integrated with USPS, UPS, FedEx, DHL, Canada Post, Correios/Sedex (Brazil), Australia Post and New Zealand Post so that your shopping cart can calculate accurate shipping costs by getting quotes directly from these shipping carriers.
Payment Gateway Integrations
Full integration for payment processing and management with Authorize.net, First Data, USAepay, Worldpay, and over 50 others!
Integrated with Google Checkout 
Fortune3 has a Certified Google Checkout integration Level 2 - the maximum integration level for a fully integrated shopping cart accepting Google Checkout payments.
Integrated with Fulfillment by Amazon
Automatically notifies Amazon Fulfillment of orders placed that need to be fulfilled and automatically keeps track of order statuses and tracking numbers from Amazon.
PeachTree ® Integration
Full integration with PeachTree allowing for the export of order, inventory, and customer data from Fortune3 to the PeachTree accounting software.
AccPac ® Integration
Full integration with Sage Accpac allowing for the export of order, inventory, and customer data from Fortune3 directly to the AccPac accounting software.
Google XML Sitemap Integration
Easily create a Google XML Sitemap directly from your Administration Site.
ShipWire ® Integration / API
Full integration with ShipWire Fulfillment and Order Manager allowing for a seamless integration between Fortune3 and ShipWire for transferring orders, customers, and shipping data back-and-forth between both platforms. If your company uses ShipWire to fulfill your orders, look no further! Everything will be fully automated.
Easy Shipping Label Printing
Easily Print Shipping Labels for your orders with USPS, UPS, FedEx, and DHL - One-Click printing of your shipping labels directly from the Administration Site. Print Labels in Bulk. There is no longer a need to manually enter the shipping information or pay for your shipping separately. Print and pay for your USPS labels directly with our certified Endicia Label Server integration.
Fully Integrated with PayPal
Fortune3 has a Certified PayPal integration with all of the PayPal payment systems: PayPal Website Payments Standard, PayPal Express Checkout, PayPal Website Payments Pro, PayPal Payflow Link, and PayPal Payflow Pro.
Integrated with Checkout by Amazon / Amazon Payments
Fortune3 has a Certified Checkout by Amazon full integration - the maximum integration level for a fully integrated shopping cart accepting Amazon payments. One-click Checkout and Amazon as an Additional Payment Option are also supported. 
Quickbooks ® Integration 
Full and direct integration with Quickbooks allowing for the automatic transfer of order, inventory, and customer data from Fortune3 to the Quickbooks accounting software, with no interaction on your part using the Quickbooks Web Connector or via an IIF File Import / Export.
StoneEdge ® Integration 
Our complete integration with StoneEdge Technologies allows you to share all order, customer, and inventory information back and forth between Fortune3 and StoneEdge Order Management with no interaction for easy cross-compatibility.
Export Product Feeds
Export Product Feeds for Major Shopping Sites  - By using your Administration Site, you are able to export your product information for any of the major shopping site feeds: Google Base, Shopzilla, Shopping.com, Nextag, Pricegrabber, and Yahoo Shopping.
XML API for Developers
Developers can easily integrate 3rd party applications by sending and retrieving data from the Fortune3 Shopping Cart via the Advanced XML Developer API.
CartSpan Integration for Accounting
CartSpan® is an easy-to-use bi-directional integration for Peachtree/QuickBooks/Sage 50 U.S. which automatically imports orders from Fortune3 into your accounting platform and updates item prices and stock on-hand back into the cart. This frees you from the burden of re-keying order information in the accounting system and helps prevent the over-committing of inventory to Web customers.
Payment Options
Multiple Payment Processing
Credit cards: Visa ®, Mastercard ®, Amex ®, Discover ®, Switch ®, Maestro ®, Solo ®, Diners ®, JCB ®,.Electronic checks, etc.
Pre-Integrated with Leading Payment Processors
If you already have a payment gateway, you can use Fortune3 with your existing payment processor. Fortune3 is already integrated with over 50 of the world's leading payment processors, including Authorize.net and First Data. If you already have an account with any of these processors, we can easily integrate it into your Fortune3 Online Store. We also do new processor integrations for $399.95! Click here for the full list of integrated processors.
Capture Funds in real-time or deferred 
Choose to have your payments automatically authorized or pre-authorized to fit the way your company conducts its business. Pre-authorizations can be captured directly from the Fortune3 order administration.
Manual Payment Processing
If your company does not have an Online Payment Processor, you can manually process your payments on your in-store credit card machine. Once an order is placed on your site, you will have access to all important payment information regarding the sale. You can then use this information to process the payment manually.
Variable optional surcharges
Set you're own custom surcharges for specific payment methods to cover your own cost and make up for the processing fees from your Merchant Account and Gateway.
Real-time Credit Card Payment Processing
When you activate a payment gateway, payments are processed in real-time when the order is being placed, giving our customers an immediate payment status and the ability to retry failed payments on the spot.
Fully Integrated with Additional Payment Methods
Google CheckoutCheckout by AmazonPayPal (all PayPal payment systems), eLayaway, and International Checkout.
Merchant Services
If you don't have a payment processor, we also offer setting up a merchant account and gateway for you at great rates. Click here for more information.
Payment processing in any currency
Accept any currency from your clients to make their checkout experience easier and less time consuming.
Accept Gift Certificates, Gift Cards, Promo Codes
Run promotions for specific products, or overall sales. Use coupons / promo codes with unlimited options and settings. Offer the automated purchase of Gift Certificates directly from your online store with a set minimum amount, recipients can automatically redeem these upon checking out from your online store!
PCI-Compliant Shopping Cart Software
Fortune3's hosting environment and shopping cart software is 100% PCI compliant. Our integration and partnership with McAfee Secure™ provides you with additional security packages and the choice to have a 100% PCI Compliant Ecommerce Site and the conversion-increasing McAfee Secure logo on your online store..

Ecommerce PCI Compliance through McAfee Secure - More Info
Trusted Server Locations
Our Web servers are stored in fully secure nation-wide data centers, only accessible by trusted Fortune3 engineers under strict contract.  
Data Back-ups / Storage Redundancy
Fortune3 keeps all Ecommerce Websites, shopping cart orders, and customer data securely backed up at several data center locations to ensure that no data is ever lost.
Firewall-Protected network 
Fortune3's server network and shopping cart software are also protected by state-of-the-art firewalls.
High-Level Security Standards 
Fortune3 employs the highest level security standards, preventing security breaches from both internal and external threats.
Free SSL Protection
All sites are protected with a 256-bit Geotrust Secure Socket Layer for maximum online security through encryption of secure data. Click here for more information.
SSL Options
Use Fortune3's free SSL or purchase your own. We have the right package for you. Click here for more information.
Wizard Data Back-ups
A back-up of your site's files and Fortune3 Wizard data is always available. Data can always be recovered to a certain point in time.
Captcha Image Validation
All secure forms and login pages are protected from breach with a verification image.
Hosting Features
99.9% up-time sla guaranteed
Hosting your shopping cart with Fortune3 guarantees that your site will virtually never be offline.
Unlimited Bandwidth & Disk Space
Unlike our competitors, Fortune3 offers a truly unlimited Ecommerce Hosting solution with all of our monthly packages. Unlimited bandwidth, disk space, e-mail accounts, domains, support, and more!
256-bit SSL included
Secure Socket Layer encryption security (https) included standard.
Disaster recovery standards fully in place and tested
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Create unlimited e-mail accounts for your domain names with unlimited space.
POP, IMAP & Webmail E-mail
Send and receive e-mails with POP/SMTP support, IMAP support, or via our User-Friendly Webmail (browser). Set up Catchall, E-mail Forwarding, and Auto-Responders.
Newsletter / Mailing List
Use the included newsletter / mailing list program that allows you to send newsletters and mass emails to past customers and leads. Notify your customers of sales and special offers, or new and exciting products.
Built-in Web-based FTP
Our advanced browser-based Ecommerce FTP ( eFTP ) allows you to upload any of your stray files directly to your root directory, or create your own directories and upload files to them as you wish. Upload large files up to 500 MB and many files at once.
24/7 Monitored Servers & Network
24/7 Monitored top notch servers & network guarantees top speeds.
Software Updates
Ecommerce & Shopping Cart Software w/ free updates and new version upgrades. New features are constantly released at no charge to our users.
100% PCI Compliant Hosting Environment
Data Back-ups / Storage Redundancy
Fortune3 keeps all customer and order data securely backed up at several data center locations to ensure that no data is ever lost.
Unlimited Domains / Sub-Domains
Add an unlimited number of domains / sub-domains to your online store, and point each domain to any specific page on your online store.
Advanced DNS Manager
Our user-friendly Advanced DNS Zone Manager allows you to fully control your domain name's MX records, A Records, and CNAME Records and create any sub-domains to point to any server.
Live Chat is Included
Live Chat is Included for your shopping cart website! When you sign up to one of our monthly Shopping Cart Software & Ecommerce Hosting Packages, you get access to a Live Chat software that allows your customers to request to chat with a representative at your company. The Live Chat software is complete, supporting unlimited operators, departments, auto-invite features, and live traffic monitoring.
Customer Tools
Quick Checkout via Login
Customers who have previously ordered are able to place a new order and by logging in, the checkout will remember their input from their previous orders (address, etc). This makes the shopping process quick and easy.
On screen shopping cart content 
While your customers browse your site for more, they can always see exactly what they have already added to their cart, making the entire shopping experience more enjoyable.
"Soft" Add to Cart
With the "Soft" Add to Cart feature, your customers can add items to the cart without navigating away from the page they are on. The shopping cart will simply appear in an attractive and organized format on top of the browser window confirming the addition to the cart and cart contents.
Automated order confirmation emails
Upon completion of an order, the system will immediately send your client an order confirmation as their invoice. The system will also send the store the confirmation along with a new order notification.
Gift Registry
Configure the store to allow customers to create Gift Registries. The Gift Registry process is fully automated, allowing customers to easily create and save their registries and desired items. Their loved ones can then easily browse through the registry and shop!
Built-in Live Chat!
When you sign up to one of our monthly packages, you get access to a Live Chat software that allows your customers to request to chat with a representative at your company. The Live Chat software is complete, supporting unlimited operators, departments, auto-invite features, and live traffic monitoring.
Quick & Easy Re-order!
Your customers can log in to their account and quickly re-order any previous order they have placed on your online store with minimal effort, taking them directly to the checkout to complete the new order.
Request RMA / Merchandise Return
By logging in and viewing their orders, customers are able to request an RMA (merchandise return) directly from the web store.
Effective Product and Site Reviews
Our complete product and site review features allow customers to review any products that have been purchased and/or review your site in its entirety. Using our Auto-Emails feature, customers can be automatically sent an email after X days that their order has been shipped asking them to review the products they purchased and your site.
Built-in Search Engine
Allow your customers to find what they're looking for quickly and easily by using the quick Search Toolbar, or through the Advanced Search Page which is available on all templates. Customers can search by keyword, SKU, Product Name, Description, and even a products Custom Fields.
E-mail / Recommend to a friend
 Offer your clients dynamic tools and ways to share your products with their friends, quickly and easily
Automated order update e-mails 
As the store owner updates the status of an order, the system will automatically send the client an order update e-mail regarding the new status.
Order Status Login
Customers are able to log in to the web store and view all of their previous orders, including the status and tracking information for each.
Superb Mobile Ecommerce Browsing
Visitors browsing your site from their mobile phone / smart phone will automatically land on our unique Mcommerce interface for your online store. The Mobile store can be turned off or customized.
Autoship / Automatic Re-Order
With the autoship feature your customers can select to automatically re-order their product at the frequency of their choice. Autoship subscriptions can be cancelled at any time by the customer or Administrators.
Abandoned Carts Automated Emails
In addition to viewing all details on your abandoned carts, you can also set up an automated e-mail to be sent out to customers after __ days of not completing their order to entice them to complete their order.
Edit Account
Besides being able to log in to view orders and their status, customers can also update their account information and address by logging in.