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Upload Site

Once you have are satisfied with the information that you entered / changed in the FORTUNE3 Wizard, you should click on the"Upload Site" icon which is located at the top of the FORTUNE3 Shopping cart and E-Commerce Wizard toolbar. When updating an existing web site, you can either select "Upload Everything" and select the portions of the data you want to upload or select "Upload Changes Only" (the default option) in order to save time. Once you have made your choices, click on the "Upload Now" button. A status log will display itself on the left-panel while the data is being sent for publication. Uploads may take anywhere between a few seconds all the way up to a few hours, depending on the options you select on the screen, the file sizes of the portions you have chosen,


This refers to the images from the "My Products" Section only and not the "My Web Pages" section's images.

Added & Modified Only:

By keeping this checked, the software will only upload new/modified images from the "My Products" area. Un-checking this will upload all images from the "My Products" area.

Upload Everything:

Selecting this causes the software to upload all the data and files from the checked portions of data.

Upload Changes Only:

Checking this causes only the modifications made to your company to be uploaded, significantly reducing the time it takes to upload.

Once the upload concludes, a pop-up window will display with the upload results. Instructions for receiving your account's temporary URL and reference data will be sent to you by e-mail. By clicking on "Go to My Website", your web browser will take you to your online store. You should see all of the changes on your site within seconds (you may need to "Refresh" your browser). It should take a few minutes after your upload for your web site to be completely published and for the .html pages to be updated (depending on the number of products you have).

Backup File Upload:

After the upload completes and the upload confirmation window is closed, the Wizard will ask you if you would like to upload a backup file to Fortune3's servers, with the following window:

What to do here? Selecting "Yes" will make the software go through a process that uploads a backup file of your Wizard data, so you can recover the latest data from Fortune3's Admin Site (through "Tools -> Rescue Company Data") at any time and from any computer (if you need to transfer the latest changes to another location or PC this is a good way to do it). Selecting "No" will bypass the Backup File Upload, making the latest changes uploaded un-recoverable from the Fortune3 Admin Site (although the last 10 previously upload backup files will still be available for recovery).

Fortune3 recommends that you upload backup files frequently, so that your work can be recovered if it is lost. You should only select "No" if the upload that just completed did not satisfy you and you will be making another upload soon (when you are done making changes and uploading, you should always upload a backup file by selecting "Yes" after the upload completes). In addition, if you use multiple computers to upload your site, and you need to make changes from a PC that was not the last PC to make changes, you will need to recover the data that has the last changes made to the store from the other PC, which can only be done remotely if you upload a backup file from the location where you made your changes, so the file can be recovered with the latest changes from the other PC with the Admin Site's "Tools -> Rescue Company Data" tool.

If you select "No", you will not be able to recover the data from this upload with the "Rescue Company Data" tool in the Administration Site, so Fortune3 will then recommend that you at least make a backup file locally on your PC, with the following question:

Selecting "Yes" will take you to the Export Company Data process (explained in the next section), which is a local backup file creator, so you can back up your store's Data and Files into a local file on your PC (or on a Flash Drive), and take it with you to any other PC where you would like to make changes or use it as an emergency backup in case of data loss.

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