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Import Custom Fields from Spreadsheet:

You can reduce the process of entering the option information for "Custom Fields". Use the "Import Custom Fields from Spreadsheet" feature to acquire the custom fields for products from your company's spreadsheet software.

NOTE: If you are working with a CSV file, you can use Excel to turn it into an ".xls" file to be imported.

Proceed as Follows:

TIP: To see the proper format of a Custom Fields spreadsheet, manually add a few custom fields to products in the "My Products" section, and then export the data to an Excel file by going to "Import / Export - > Export Custom Fields to Spreadsheet".

For details about each of the importable fields and their proper format, please review the Custom Fields Import Fields section further below.

Click on the "My Products" icon to display the "Product-Tree". Select "Import/Export" from the top menu bar, and choose "Import Custom Fields from Spreadsheet". Click on the "Browse" button and select the import file (.xls) from your computer; the corresponding data fields from your spreadsheet will appear on the left-panel. On the right panel are the FORTUNE3 Custom Fields. One by one, click to highlight the imported field from your spreadsheet; locate its compatible custom field on the right-panel and highlight it with a click.

If you do not see any fields on the right side except for the SKU field, use the first row of the spreadsheet to import the Custom Field Names by check-marking the "Update/Create Field Names with First Row"option.

Update/Create Field Names with First Row - Place a check in this box if you would like the software to automatically add the Custom Field Names that have not been previously entered to the system or to update the Custom Field Names that have been previously entered to the system. If this is checked, the first row of your spreadsheet should contain the names of your custom fields as you want them to be displayed.

Click on the "Match Fields" button. Once you finish matching all of the fields, click on "Import".

If you had previously matched the fields from this spreadsheet and clicked on Save Selection and saved the selection file (.f3s), click on Load Selection and select the .f3s file.

If you plan on importing the spreadsheet again in the future and would like to avoid matching up the fields every time before importing, click on "Save Selection" once all fields are matched and save the .f3s file in a destination on your PC. You will later be able to click on "Load Selection" and browse for the saved .f3s file to save time on future imports.

Once you finish matching all of the fields, click on "Import". Once the import is complete, you will be given confirmation of what was imported properly or warnings about any errors that occurred during the import. You will also be given the option to view one ( 1 ) or two ( 2 ) log files. If there were any errors during your import, you will initially be shown an error log that displays which category or categories had the error(s), and what the errors were during the import. If you cannot figure out what the errors mean or how to fix them, please copy the errors and contact FORTUNE3 Customer Support with the details. Once you close the error log, the successful import log will be shown containing details of what was imported properly. If no errors occurred during the import, you will ONLY be shown the successful import log containing details of what was imported properly.

NOTE: The system will not import duplicate Custom Fields within the same Product. Based on the SKU and Custom Field Names, it will replace the existing information instead.

Custom Fields

Field Name
Column / Field Description & Import Instructions
SKU (required) Specify the SKU number of the product that you want to attach each Custom Field to. This is required. Multiple Custom Fields can be attached to the same SKU.

Important Note: The SKU must be specified EXACTLY as it is defined in the software. This IS case sensitive.

All other fields will need to be matched at your discretion, depending on what Custom Field Names you have available and which Custom Fields you want to use on each product.

Export Custom Fields to a Spreadsheet

The FORTUNE3 Shopping Cart & E-Commerce Wizard software facilitates the creation of a (".xls") file containing the Custom Fields that are in your online store and E-Commerce web site: By using the "Export Custom Fields to Spreadsheet" feature you can export the Custom Fields information from your shopping cart onto a spreadsheet file that can be imported by your accounting or any other software, or back into the FORTUNE3 Wizard after being modified. Just follow these instructions:

Click on the "Import/Export" button located on the top menu bar. Select the Export Custom Fields to Spreadsheet option, then specify a destination folder and provide a name for the (.xls) file. Click "Save"button. Your spreadsheet file will be created and saved in the specified location on your PC.

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