Payment Processors - eLayaway Integration
Fortune3 offers eLayaway™ checkout
Pre-integrated layaway payment processing for your Shopping Cart Website
Process payments easily with eLayaway™
eLayaway™ is a patent-pending alternative payment option that allows merchants to process, administer and automate their online layaway programs. By providing convenient payment plans that are automatically drafted from the consumer’s bank account, merchants enjoy the benefits of offering layaway without the administrative and logistical headaches previously associated with the popular payment process.
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Consumers count on eLayaway to help them afford the things they want most.
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More payment options for your customers:
  • No Transaction Fees = Increased Profit Margins... The more you sell with our system, the more you net.
  • Increased Conversion and Decreased Shopping Cart Abandonment... Secure sales even when a consumer has limited credit or cash available at the time of shopping.
  • Safer Consumer Transactions... The extended payment nature of eLayaway is inherently more fraud resistant than traditional payment options. The process of paying over time before item delivery does not appeal to criminals trying to make a quick purchase and disappear.
  • Increased Traffic from Existing eLayaway Members... Our robust community of registered shoppers continues to grow and will have easy access to your store via our merchant directory. Even more, eLayaway members have the means to buy... today.
  • Accurate Sales Forecasting... eLayaway orders are easily tracked and projected. You get a true online pre-order mechanism that allows you to manage inventory easier.
  • Flexibility... the eLayaway system is extremely flexible and allows your company to define the terms, including what products you make available on eLayaway.
The eLayaway process from your customers' point of view...
As of 2014, eLayaway Is No Longer Accepting New Merchants.
Free integration with the Fortune3 Software:
Free Customer Membership - Becoming a member is free and easy for your customers.

More Buying Power - eLayaway offers a safe and affordable payment alternative without tying up your credit or subjecting the purchase to high-interest credit card fees.

No Credit Checks or Special Qualifications - All you need is an active bank account.