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# of Products
20 50 250 500 10,000 Unlimited
Setup fee
Unlimited Support
Features Included
Unlimited Storage
Unlimited Bandwidth
Unlimited E-Mail Accounts
Unlimited Admin Accounts
No Transaction Fees*
* 0% transaction fee applies only when you use the fortune3™ credit card services
If you are using an external payment processor, all plans excluding the Unlimited Plan include a 1% transaction fee.

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Call our sales team at 1(877) 693.3227. You can also change your plan at any time.
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Questions about our ecommerce hosting plans?
Is there a setup fee?
No. Most of our Small Business Plans have the setup fee waived.
Is there a Contract?
No. We work on a month-to-month basis. You can cancel your account at any time with no cancellation fees.
Do you charge for traffic / bandwidth?
No, we do not believe in hidden bandwidth fees. Unlimited Bandwidth is provided with every plan. If you have ever had an e-commerce hosting plan with a bandwidth fee, you already know that this fee is hidden and unpredictable. High traffic to your store in one month can cost you hundreds of dollars in bandwidth, while your sales revenues are little changed and do nothing to cover the bandwidth cost. This is why we prefer to use the transaction fee model... you only pay a little extra, if your traffic turns into sales and you actually make money! With the transaction fee, you always know what you will pay!
What's included in the monthly plan?
Your monthly plan includes the Fortune3 ecommerce software and all of the features it comes with, free updates and updgrades, 24/7 unlimited support, live chat and newsletter for your ecommerce site, a full web hosting account for your ecommerce store, including e-mail access and unlimited email accounts for use with your domain name, free domain name registration (1 year), and use of Fortune3's free SSL for your store's security.
Can I change my plan later on?
Yes, you can change your plan at any time. There is no penalty or additional setup fee for changing plans.
Does your pricing include payment processing?
No, our pricing includes the shopping cart software, hosting, and unlimited support. Payment processing fees are charged separately by your payment processor.
What is the Transaction Fee for?
The transaction fee is a fee that gets charged every month along with your Monthly Fee for all non-voided transactions placed on your online store during the previous month. The transaction fee enables us to provide you with free, unlimited bandwidth and traffic on your ecommerce site. Instead of paying a hidden bandwidth fee for your site's usage and traffic, which you never know what the cost for it will be, Fortune3 only charges you a small additional transaction fee for orders that you receive. If the transaction fee is a problem for you, try our Unlimited Plan, which has no transaction fee.
Is the transaction fee negotiable?
There are instances where the transaction fee may be negotiable. If your average sale value is more than US $250, Fortune3 can negotiate the transaction fee to provide you with a more fair and less costly usage cost for your online store. Please contact our sales dept. to inquire.
Everything Included... A Truly Unlimited Shopping Cart Hosting Solution:
World's Best Online Store Builder, Ecommerce Software & Ecommerce Web Design Solution by Fortune3.
Ecommerce Web Hosting Service with Unlimited Bandwidth and Disk Space • 99.9% Uptime
Free Domain Name Registration for your Online Store
Unlimited E-mail Accounts using your own Domain(s) comes with your Shopping Cart Hosting Account
Unlimited Domains Pointing to your Ecommerce Website comes with your Shopping Cart Hosting Account
POP & Webmail E-mail Accounts (Check your e-mails through a browser or your favorite e-mail client)
Unlimited 24/7 Customer Support (Phone, Chat, E-mail Ticketing System)
FREE 256-bit SSL (Secure Socket Layer) for your Shopping Cart Hosting plan
User Friendly 1-Page Checkout
Offer Live Chat on your Online Store for Free. Live Chat Software Included with Ecommerce Web Hosting
Integrated with major shipping carriers: FEDEX, UPS, USPS, DHL, Canada Post, and Australia Post
Payment Integration with PayPal, Checkout by Amazon, and Google Checkout
Accounting Software Integration with Quickbooks® (via Web Connector) and Peachtree®
Complete Online Store Administration and Website Management
Complete Ecommerce Hosting Solution: Software & Ecommerce Web Hosting.
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Our Plans.
All Plans Include full ecommerce hosting, support, and a free license of the Fortune3 Ecommerce Wizard and Shopping Cart Software to build, manage, and maintain an online store for both, retail (B2C) and wholesale (B2B) at once. Fortune3 provides the most powerful and easy-to-use Web store builder software available today.

Use our software at no cost when you sign up, and empower your business with the best shopping cart solution at the lowest cost.
Sign-up Process.
Select an Ecommerce Web hosting plan / package - During sign up you will have the option to add the following services, functionality and features to your online store... Ecommerce Web design: Use our Web design services and benefit from Web designers' experience and creativity to create the most professional and attractive Ecommerce shopping cart. Select a turnkey Ecommerce solution or a custom template design for your online shopping cart. Setup a merchant account, payment gateway, electronic check processing, or special search engine submission with shopping cart SEO (search engine optimization), exclusive SSL, etc.

After signing up.
Your Ecommerce Hosting account, Website and Shopping Cart System will be available to accept online orders immediately. You can start accepting payments using Google Checkout, Amazon Payments & Paypal without paying any setup fees, or connect your gateway for automatic credit card processing..