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Accounting Software Integration.
Shopping Cart Software Integrated with Quickbooks®, PeachTree®, CartSpan® and Sage AccPac®
Fully Integrated Shopping Cart Software.
The Fortune3™ shopping cart software offers the best Ecommerce solution integration for Quickbooks® - a Direct Integration using the Quickbooks Web Connector that automatically transfers your shopping cart's orders to your Quickbooks accounting or POS software, and automatically syncs your Quickbooks inventory back to the shopping cart. We also allow you to easily export the entire data from your online shopping cart system to Quickbooks®, PeachTree®, Sage 50®, or Sage AccPac® through our IIF File and CSV File integration tools. Through our customizable spreadsheet / CSV order export, you can export orders, sales, customers, inventory items, and transactions with ease to virtually any accounting software.
Fully Integrated with CartSpan® - Another way to integrate with your accounting platform with ease.
CartSpan® is an easy-to-use bi-directional integration for Peachtree/QuickBooks/Sage 50 U.S. which automatically imports orders from Fortune3 into your accounting platform and updates item prices and stock on-hand in the cart. This frees you from the burden of re-keying order information in the accounting system and helps prevent the over-committing of inventory to Web customers.
What CartSpan® offers is a way to sync information from the shopping cart to your accounting software in a back-and-forth mode. Inventory quantities are also sent from CartSpan® back to Fortune3 allowing you to maintain your inventory inside your accounting software and the site will be automatically updated with the most up to date product count.
  • QuickBooks: You will need the U.S. 2012 version (or later) of Premier, Pro, or Enterprise. You will also need to acquire the QODBC (Open Database Connectivity) tool offered by FlexQuarters for a nominal extra charge. QODBC is included at no extra charge with QuickBooks' Enterprise version.

  • Peachtree/Sage 50 U.S.: You will need version 2010 or later. Peachtree and Sage 50 U.S. include ODBC connectivity with the standard product and there are no any additional costs for this requirement.

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Create Custom Export Files - For Importing orders to any Accounting Software
The Fortune3™ Ecommerce solution provides advanced tools to easily design and create customized files in text delimited format, or Excel format (.csv, .xls, .iif) - You can generate custom spreadsheets with Product information, Inventory items, Online Shopping Cart Sales: Orders, Customers, Payments, Shipping Information, etc. using your choice of arrays and file formats. Create customized files in IIF (INTUIT IMPORT FILE), Excel, CSV, and other spreadsheet formats - then import them into any accounting software, including Quickbooks®, PeachTree®, Sage 50®, and Sage AccPac®.
Importing Products from your Accounting Software:
To facilitate building your online store you can also generate custom Excel files containing the product information from your accounting software - the created files can then be easily imported into the Fortune3™ Wizard, our Ecommerce and Shopping Cart Software Builder, to quickly populate your online store with products or update your products with the latest information. This product data-feed tool can save you time if your company carries a lot of products, helping you build and manage your online store in minutes.