Terms & Policies
Terms & Policies
Fortune3™ Ecommerce Platform - Policies & Term of Use
Fortune3 Terms of Use - Online Shopping Cart Solution / Ecommerce Provider
The Fortune3 Ecommerce and Online Shopping Cart Builder provide total E-Commerce solutions for Web site stores. This state-of-the-art technology comprises many PC and server programs specially designed to create, manage, and operate an online store Web site seamlessly.

The use of the Fortune3 Online Shopping Cart webstore builder, E-Commerce and hosting services is free for 30 days on a trial basis, with no further obligation or commitment. After 30 days, trial users have the choice to sign up for one of the Ecommerce Website / shopping cart hosting packages available herein. Fortune3 offers several E-Commerce hosting plans to accommodate all business sizes and budgets. The prices depend on the number of products offered in the online store. In order to make a storefront Website available after the 30-day-trial period, it is necessary to sign up for an Ecommerce hosting plan based on the Web site store.

During the sign up process you will be able to add features to your online Ecommerce store and shopping cart solution, such as Merchant Account setup, Payment Gateway setup, Electronic Check Processing, Search Engine Submission, Search Engine Optimization ( SEO ), Web Site / Template Design, Domain Name Registration, etc. After signing up your E-Commerce Website and online shopping cart system will be capable of processing online orders, and receive payments in your designated bank account. The Fortune3 Ecommerce webstore builder also allows you to use as many domains as you need at no extra charge. Call our sales department at 1-877- MYF3CART ( 1-877- 693 - 3227 ) to speak with one of our customer service specialists, or Click Here to sign-up online.

Trial Users - Web Site, Web Pages, and Domain Publication - Data Storage Terms: Registered Fortune3 trial users should beware that any information published during the trial period will be available to the World Wide Web for at least 90 days. Unless the user signs up, that information will be automatically deleted from the servers after 30 days counted from the first upload. Any Web site information to be deleted from the servers before the 30-day period must be expressly requested, and $45 processing fee will apply. After deletion, Fortune3 does not guarantee when the Web pages will be removed from the search engines.