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How to Instantly Create Magnetic Content That Attracts Customers

magnetic-content-that-attracts-customers-imageSay you start a brand new e-commerce business. You’re about to write your first blog post.

Can you make it one of those “smash hit” type posts that attracts crazy amounts of customers?


I’m not going to promise you those results. Some luck is involved when content succeeds. For example, your post gets shared by a key influencer, and then a few other influencers happen to notice your content and share it themselves too.

But, you can absolutely create a stellar blog post that attracts many more customers on your first try.

The key lies in knowing what elements make content persuasive.

Here’s a few:

1. Targeting Your Customer’s Pain Points

Nothing sells better than a solution to your customer’s primary pain. That’s what your business is all about, isn’t it? Your customers have a problem. And so they’re coming to you for a solution to it. If you have, in their eyes, the best solution, they’ll buy from you.

So, your content must fill a need.

2. Your Content Should Give Your Customers a Reason to Change What They’re Doing Now

What solution do your customers currently have for their pain? Do they slap together their own hand-rigged solution? Do they rely on another competitor of yours that really only offers a cheap solution?

Your content must build the case as to why what they do now isn’t the best solution.

3. Focus on Feelings and Experiences, Not Your Product or Services

When all’s said and done, nearly every person buys because of the feelings and experiences they get from using your products and services. Let’s say you’re selling a wall mount for a flat-panel TV.

What’s the pain there? It’s going to take time. The TV could get broken by kids or pets if it stays where it is now. The instructions could be complex. And what if the wall mount isn’t strong enough to hold the TV?

So, your content could focus on how easy and simple it is to install the TV mount. Or, how it could even be fun. That’s selling the experience. And then you can talk about the feelings of safety and security your customers get because they know their expensive flat-panel TV won’t get broken. It’s nice and safe and secure on the wall up there.

4. Make it New and Different From What’s Already Available

You know how you can easily find like 10-15 content pieces on any content topic. Some refer to that as “content saturation.” So, it’s important to know what your competitors do and say on the same topic. Then, yours must be new and different.

I can practically guarantee you a healthy amount of attention online if you follow those steps with your content. Make sure you follow them if you want to get serious about earning customers from content marketing.

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