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How Can You Make More Sales Without a Unique Product?

fortune3-boring-product-that-needs-marketing-imageYou have what you know is a quality product. However, you also have a big business problem. It’s not really new, unique, or different than many other products in any way.

In fact, it’s exactly like about half a dozen other products.

So, that basically leaves you only with the option of lowering your prices. At least, if you want to get more sales anyway.

…Or is that your only option?

No. It’s not. If you don’t have an original product idea, or the money or skills to create an original product, or if inventing and innovation isn’t your strong suit, don’t worry.

You can absolutely make great sales on an existing product. And that includes one many of your competitors already offer.

The Embarrassing Truth about Marketing…And Especially at the Small E-Commerce Business Level

Much, and perhaps most, marketing doesn’t persuade consumers to buy. And this effect gets even more magnified at small e-commerce businesses.


Because many of the owners believe their products are so great they’ll just sell themselves. That may be true.

But it only comes into play when your consumers actually have your product in hand. Wouldn’t it be great if you could get more of them to want it in the first place?

Here’s what to do (and not do) to make that happen:

1. Remember, Marketing Simply Works Like This…

Marketing is not where you brag and boast about how great your product is. Consumers see right through that. And they won’t buy. In fact, you’re likely to lose business using that approach over time.

Marketing only involves making your product as attractive as possible to your targeted consumer. That means telling them what they’ll get when they use your product (usually some kind of good feelings).

Most marketing, including manufacturer descriptions, focuses on facts (aka “features”) about the product.

That bores consumers. They want their lives to be easier, more exciting, happier, or more peaceful after using your product. So you have to communicate how your product does that for them.

2. Tell the Truth

Many business owners think marketing involves lying about the benefits of using their product.

There’s no doubt some small businesses do their marketing that way.

But as an honest business owner, you don’t want to deceive consumers into buying. Not only will you feel a dreadful amount of shame and guilt, but it’s bad for your business too.

They’ll find out your product doesn’t work as advertised. They get angry. You get complaints. You have to offer refunds. You don’t get referral sales. Eventually, you may have to close your business.

Don’t worry about that stuff. Because, telling the truth works in marketing. Giving your customers realistic expectations about what they can get with your product is effective.

In fact, your customers will respect you even more for doing so because it’s so rare.

So yes, you absolutely can market your business to success in a completely honest way that makes you feel good and your customers happy.

Consider using that approach if you have a product that appears the same as many others.


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