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9 PPC Tips You can Implement to Increase ROI Today

fortune-3-ppc-imageWith PPC, you can generate instant revenues, but if you don’t watch it, your costs can quickly skyrocket out of control.  Fortunately, with these 9 tips, you can increase the number of sales and decrease the costs of your add almost just as quickly:

1.  Capitalize every word – The first letter of every word should be capitalized.  Google doesn’t all the entire word to be capitalized, but your ad does stand out and get more clicks and sales if you capitalize the first letter of each word.

2.  Use emotive words – Appeal to people’s emotions – that’s what gets them buying.  In particular, appeal to their greed, fee, altruism, envy, pride, or shame.

3.  Use the language of your market – You can be clear and direct, but your conversions will increase further if you use the words your customers use to discuss their needs.

4.  Solve a problem – You don’t have much room to work with in terms of character count, but focus on the problems your customers have and solve them in your headline.

5.  Test everything – Do you really know which of your customers’ problems is the biggest?  You might be surprised.  Create ads targeted around several of their known problems and you’ll figure out which one hurts the most.

6.  Conversion rate maximizes at position three to four – You’d think it would be the top, wouldn’t you?  The reality is the top PPC ads get people who are just browsing, harming your conversion rate.  People scrolling further down the page are really interested and know what they want.  You might get more sales at the top, but you’ll get a better conversion rate in positions three and four.

7.  Don’t forget to use PPC data to drive organic strategy – Ultimately, PPC shows what your market really wants and whether you have the right keywords.  Make sure you carry this over to your organic SEO efforts.

8.  Copy your competitors – It’s very difficult to come up with something completely original that any market really wants.  You might discover new ideas and opportunities, but odds are your competitors, especially if they’re bigger companies, have already discovered this.  See what they’re doing with their PPC ads and use the same idea around less competitive keywords.

9.  Use plural forms or synonyms of competitive keywords – Sometimes, the competition is too stiff, and you’re better off accepting defeat and taking a new direction.  Use a plural version of a keyword or a synonym which might be less competitive, instead.

You can implement these slick PPC tips today – which do you think will help most?

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