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Top 4 E-Commerce Marketing Mistakes

Yes, you know you need SEO, internet marketing, social media, and all sorts of fancy techniques to succeed online.

Or do you?

Yes you do, but you have to be careful how you go about each.  Most blog posts/companies make it sound like all you do is SEO, blog, and post on social media and then customers come racing in to your website!

They will, but really you have to research your market thoroughly first.  Once you’ve got a niche identified and a price point people love, then all you need to do is get them to your website.

So, we’d like to talk about some ways to effectively market your company, products, and services instead of flipping mud at a wall and seeing what sticks.

Top Mistakes – and What You Should do Instead

1.  Outsourcing SEO to any old company.  The reality of the SEO industry is that there’s a ton of BS surrounding it.  That company or guy doing the SEO could be in India or some unknown location, and he may be a clever con-artist you never see again.

You do need SEO, but you need to work with a reputable company.  Research the ones you’re considering like crazy first.

2.  Blogging.  Content helps every website, but not just “words on the page.”  If your writing becomes mechanical, or if you are more focused on quantity, your content hurts more than it helps.

Focus on providing value with each post, and use a targeted key phrase in each.  Post regularly, and make sure 80% of your posts offer value, whereas 20% promote your products and services.

3.  Social Media.  You do need it, but consider the audience of each site before developing a presence on it.  Do you have a large male audience?  Did you know that females actually account for the majority of social media usage across all social media sites?

Are you B2B – do you really need to be present on Facebook or Google+, primarily B2C websites?

Don’t spam people daily with new offers.  Stick to a frequency of 1 e-mail per week or more.

Send your e-mails so people will see them at 9 am in their time zone – it’s the most common time people read e-mail newsletters.  Make sure your e-mail subject contains a benefit of what people will see inside the e-mail.  Naming your newsletter “John’s E-Commerce Company:  March 2013 Newsletter” is disinteresting and people are very unlikely to click on that title which hurts your sales.

Those are the Big Ones – Can you Think of Any More? 

Anyone who runs any business makes tons of mistakes.  Eventually, however, by learning what doesn’t work, you learn what does work.  What about you – what mistakes have you made that you’re now laughing off?

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