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Integrating a Responsive Web Design to your E-commerce Marketing Plan

responsive-web-design-fortune-3-e-commerceBy now you most likely have a diverse marketing plan surrounding your e-commerce website. You’re constantly updating the site, bringing in new products, targeting new customers, and schmoozing the existing ones for the sake of upward sales margins.

But, have you heard of the responsive web design concept? This allows builders to sculpt their web design around the size of a user’s screen: from hand-held devices to 30” high definition monitor. Marketing specialists and web designers today are tailoring their web design and responsive email campaigns around appealing to the masses: designs and readability that caters to users on mobile devices and on computers.

How Often do People Use Smartphones to Browse the Web?

Emailmonks.com explained recently that at least 43% of email users are checking their messages right from their phones. If you’re not in the market to adapt your design, you’re banking on losing those target customers from your email subscriptions.

There are a few simple ways to integrate responsive web design and emailing into the marketing plan for your E-commerce website, or as useful tools while you’re in the process of building your website.

Responsive design techniques have taken much of the hassle out of web design: simpler is better. Easily readable fonts, buttons with high contrast background colors and text, and hiding the unnecessary headers and footers on the mobile versions can take you a long way. These make your email or website more user-friendly on the go, catering to the needs of all of your clientele.

A Few More Tips on Responsive Web Design…

According to experts, it’s a lot simpler to expand a mobile version than retrofit a desktop design. With that in mind, you also don’t have to feel constrained solely to the content that appears on your mobile version. The desktop and mobile versions, in essence, can be completely different.

Images are a touchy subject with mobile devices. GIF file extensions and certain flash media don’t show up on mobile devices, therefore it is smarter to install static images on your homepage. Optimized images will load faster versus giving viewers the impression of an unresponsive or unfinished homepage.

A responsive HTML-based email campaign can be a major benefit to your e-commerce cause. Not only will you instill interest in your old customers, but you’ll be able to reach them on the go or at home—giving you twice as many sales opportunities—but only one opportunity to impress!

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