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6 Social Media Marketing Strategies to Improve your Sales

social-media-imageSocial Media Marketing is fueling the ecommerce sector throughout the Internet. If you’re looking to bring in long-term customers with multiple orders on a regular basis while at the same time bringing in new customers, it’s important to interact with said customers through social media. Offering these clients important information, discounts, and specials from time-to-time, as well as updates on your product offering, is simple. Check out these 6 tips in social media marketing strategies to help you improve your sales today!

6. Pin your products on Pinterest

Have you heard of Pinterest yet? It’s only one of the most widely used social media platforms on the web! By featuring your products on Pinterest, along with pricing, product descriptions and specials, users will be able to link to your site quickly to purchase the products that they love.

5. Experiment with Blog Post Titles 

Something as simple as changing up the title language of each blog post can increase traffic to your site. Also, posting lists (perhaps similar to this one) can engage more readers. If they know off-hand that you’ll be making 6 points, they may at least read through them.

4. Create Microcontent

Most internet users suffer from information overload. With less time and patience to read posts and absorb information, you have to stay ahead of the curve with your methods.

Some major brands are utilizing a service called Vine. Vine helps users create and post 6 second video clips to their blogs to engage their readers for just enough time.

3. Twitter Q & A

 Now that you’ve got a few hundred Twitter followers, it’s time to conduct a Twitter Q & A. Imagine if Apple posed the question to consumers: “What’s your favorite feature of the new iPhone?” Followers wouldn’t be able to contain themselves without re-tweeting, answering, and then…voila! You’ve got yourself some social media gold on your hands.

2. Include Social Media Buttons on Your Blog

Social Media buttons should be present on every blog in today’s internet world. Buttons typically include Google+, Linked In, Twitter and Facebook, but sometimes include the pinterest ‘pin-it’ button and an email link, too.

These buttons allow readers to share information in a flash to their friends and family.  Ideally, you’ll locate them at the top and bottom of each post.

1. Post Content Daily

You know how to stay inside the heads of your potential customers? Post content daily. If they see information about your company, products and services on a daily basis, they’re more likely to check out your information regularly and perhaps even purchase items from your ecommerce website.

But, make sure you follow the 80/20 rule.  80% of your posts should offer valuable information about the products and services you offer, while 20% of it should be about your company.  Exceed this ratio, and people may see your blog as purely self-promotional, which causes them to lose trust in your company and instead find another to purchase from.

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