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Top 5 SEO Tricks for Ecommerce Websites

Have you been sitting on your ecommerce website for a few months and finding it increasingly difficult to sell products online as everyday passes? Don’t get bogged down by the politics of the internet: embrace them! SEO (search engine optimization) practices reign in the marketplace right now, allowing all that are skilled in the craft the ability to move up the rankings.

Let’s face it: search engines like Google and Bing are going to be your main traffic source if they’re not already. This allows you the ability to engage in ecommerce in the worldwide marketplace in order to increase your earning potential and client base. Want to know the top 5 SEO tricks that are helping ecommerce website builders and SEO specialists today? Read on to find out.

The Tips:  Beginning from the Bottom

5. Proper Language is Key. In the early days of SEO, many writers or webmasters were focusing more on inserting a plethora of relevant keywords than they were focusing on the actual content. None of your visitors are interested in reading or sharing keyword spam.  Avoid writing this way, as it makes you less likely to gain serious potential customers.

4. Analyze Your Competitors. Even if you think you’re doing everything the proper way, you could be missing an integral aspect of your marketing campaign. Check out competitors that are selling similar products to yours. Use their format to make your own website more competitive and desirable to potential customers in the land of ecommerce.

3. Product Reviews Create Unique Content. Even after you’ve learned how to create your own website and you’ve started selling products, it’s difficult to stray from your typical vocabulary, keyword focus and attention to detail. Have some of your customers review the products that they’ve purchased in order to gain new, unique content that will help improve the overall SEO campaign. Offer a discount on a future purchase in order to entice your customers to review AND purchase again.

2. Feature the Most Beloved Products. After you create your ecommerce site and start selling products, you’ll eventually figure out a trend in sales. Are certain products more popular than others? Are competitors selling more of another brand? Is there anything you can do to improve customer satisfaction while driving sales?

Blog about your most favorable products. You can even cross-market them through social media avenues like Twitter, Facebook and Pintrest. Write featured SEO copy related to these products to really present them to the global marketplace that ecommerce opens you up to.

1. Calls to Action. Literally one of the most important aspects to consider when adding SEO campaigns to your ecommerce site are calls to action. Encourage potential customers to become paying customers, all while engaging the website guest with useful products and information!

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