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6 Tips for Optimizing Your Conversions

When it comes to e-commerce, you can never get enough information about optimizing your conversions.  Today, we’ll share with you several tips for increasing your conversion rates, and hopefully you’ll notice an increase in business if you implement them properly at your website:

1. A/B Testing

By split testing your most trafficked pages, you can determine which tactics work best for getting people to purchase.  Simple changes such as capitalizing words like FREE SHIPPING, or even just changing the color of your purchase button may significantly increase your conversions. But, the only way to figure that out is to perform A/B testing on your most important pages.  As you have time, you can slowly test other pages.

2.  Stay Away from Rotating Banners on Your Home Page 

Technically called “carousels,” these banners only serve to diminish your conversions.  One reason this may be is that people have to wait for each slide to scroll by.  If they’re interested in products on slides 3-5, they most likely won’t stay at the top of the home page long enough to actually see those products.

3.  Conversion Optimization is Even More Important for Mobile Websites 

Why?  Mobile users tend to get frustrated more easily and leave the websites they are browsing.  The same users on a desktop, however, don’t get frustrated nearly as easily.  Also, sometimes the mobile user’s overall experience is not kept in mind when an e-commerce website is designed.  Fast load times, no distractions, and a clear conversion funnel are needed for mobile users to have a successful experience.

4.  Survey Your Visitors

If you’re considering a change, or if you want your users to give you feedback as to whether changes are necessary, try running a survey.  Perhaps one of the fundamental approaches you had regarding your website isn’t what users have in mind when visiting.  To increase participation, offer an incentive for completing the survey, like a chance to win a $50 gift card to your store.  Make sure you tie your prize to your store – otherwise, you’ll have people participate who don’t care about your products or giving you legitimate feedback.

5.  Make Sure Best Sellers Appear on Your Home Page 

If people in general choose to purchase certain products from your website, then make it clear to all visitors what those products are on your home page.  Promote these products on your home page, and you will notice a nice jump in sales.

6.  Make it Easy to Order 

Show a phone number and fax number on your website.  Even though common sense says these two options are obsolete, some customers simply prefer to order in their own way.

 You Can’t Do Enough for Conversion Optimization

No matter what you do, there’s always something you can do to ensure your conversions are optimized.  Keep in mind, the digital world changes at break-neck speed, so what worked well one year ago may not be as effective now.  If you manage to stay ahead of industry trends, you’ll find your website sitting in a comfortable financial position.

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