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How Small E-Commerce Sites Can Compete with Amazon

fortune3-small-vs-big-storeAmazon already sells everything at amazingly low prices and is putting the pressure on retail giants like Wal-Mart and Best Buy.  To top it off, the company is now going to open regional distribution centers to make same-day shipping a reality for many customers.

Like most corporate giants, Amazon seems impossible to beat when it comes to selling products online.  But, you can compete with Amazon, and today we’ll show you exactly how you can do so successfully.

Target a Niche Where People Will Pay More for Quality 

A great example of this is the blog MyWifeQuitHerJob.com  Maintained by Steve Chou, this blog details how he and his wife started an e-commerce website that sold high-quality and high priced wedding linens.  Amazon doesn’t compete well with that niche, so he and his wife were able to develop a successful small business selling these items (in excess of $100,000 in profit).

You can’t compete on price, but you can compete on quality.  Search the internet thoroughly and identify what people are willing to pay more for.

Better Product Descriptions 

Let’s face it – on Amazon, the descriptions stink.  They list mostly features directly from the manufacturers, but features don’t sell – benefits do.  Features talk about what a product has or does, but a benefit describes how that product adds value to your life or makes it easier.

For example, a feature might say a certain product turns at 7200 RPM.  That doesn’t mean much to you, unless you’re a mechanic.  Instead, tell your customers it gets the job done faster so you can spend more time focusing on other things.

Test & Revise Pages for Conversion Optimization 

Amazon does thorough testing on their sales process.  However, do they take the time to test very small things like the “Add to Cart” text on their buttons?  Nope – all you ever see is “add to cart.”

At your site, however, you could test that text, along with phrases such as:

  • Get it now
  • Fry with this wok now
  • Order this camera now
  • Get this 250GB solid state hard drive

When it comes to selling products online, you never know what is going to work on each website – every one is a little different.  Test everything on yours, down to the most minute detail.

Sell Your Own Info Products 

If you sell cookware on your website, for example, create a guide showing how to use some of the products you sell to cook unique dinners.  When people view the product, make sure it comes up as one of those products that people who viewed the product also purchased.  This could be quite a nice additional revenue stream.

Focus on a Unique, Creative Experience 

The more you can differentiate from Amazon, the better off you are.  With e-commerce sales projected to increase significantly in the future, you can use these strategies to help increase your slice of the pie.


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  • treepodia

    Implement product video! Amazon is not doing that yet (much).

  • http://www.innovativeconsulting.co.in/ HaryJames

    I agree with treepodia. E commerce is base for internet marketing applications.