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5 Tips to Follow if You Create a Website for Free

5 Tips to Follow if You Create a Website for FreeWhen it comes to technology, it takes many different skills to run a successful website. ¬†Some of them you will have, and some of them you won’t. ¬†When it comes to the ones you don’t have, make sure you use a quality service to fill that void. ¬†Today, we’ll discuss e-commerce website design, and some points to keep in mind, should you choose to create a website for free.

1.  Modify What You Can 

Even though you might not have much for website design skills, the free design tools available today make the process so easy that you will have the ability to at least modify it somewhat.  The reason to do this is because there are so many websites Рhundreds of millions of them, and people create more every day.

When you use a free editor, you get a template design, which means it blends in somewhat with other template designs. ¬†To make yours stick out, modify what you can so you capture visitor’s attention right away.

2. ¬†…But Keep it Functional

So many websites have a number of gadgets, such as those live actors that walk across the bottom of your screen, or music playing in the background.  Avoid these, as they only irritate visitors.

Remember, your visitors came to learn more about your products and services, so make it easy and distraction-free for them.  Always focus on what works best for them, and continually test every last part of your website to see what visitors like best.

3.  Ensure Your Pages Load Fast

One of the largest parts of the user experience is the load speed of your pages. ¬†When you create a website for free, run Google PageSpeed on each of your pages with the most traffic. ¬†The higher you score, the better, and ideally you’ll score above a 90.

Remember, Google factors user experience into its search rankings also.  So, not only do your visitors appreciate a quicker load time, but Google rewards you with improved search engine rankings too.

4.  Write Product Descriptions

One of the largest problems we see in the e-commerce world involves sites that use manufacturer descriptions or no descriptions at all. ¬†You can seriously increase your conversion rates by writing clear, benefits-oriented product descriptions. ¬†Aim for around 100 – 200 words or so, but focus on telling the visitor what’s in it for them, should they choose to purchase that product.

Google also likes pages with clear, helpful content, so these product descriptions will help each of your pages rank a little higher too.

5.  Make Sure all Your Links Work

From a user standpoint, there’s nothing worse than clicking on a link, only to find the link doesn’t work. ¬†When you create a website for free, you shouldn’t encounter this problem too often. ¬†But, do make sure you check every link, and when you find one that’s not working, fix it immediately.

As with many other points in this article, Google likes it when all of your links are working and rewards you with better rankings when that happens.

If you choose to create a website for free and follow these tips, then following all of these tips will help you make sure you get off to a great start. ¬†There’s much more for you to learn, but that’s the funnest part of website design.

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