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E-Commerce Website Design Strategies that Sell

e-commerce-design-strategies-that-sellIn case you haven’t, you should think of the home page of your
e-commerce site as the brick-and-mortar storefront of the past.  Unfortunately, we have seen many websites in the past that don’t view their design this way!  An engaging, easy-to-use design maximizes your site’s ability to sell.  With that in mind, we have a few tips to share with you to give your site the best ability to make more sales:

1. Make the product easy to find.  Even though it sounds hard to believe, the most common reason shoppers don’t buy from a particular website is because they can’t find the product they need.  The key to design in this regard is to cater to all types of shoppers – those who know what they want and are ready to buy now, and those who are just browsing, looking for ideas.

More specifically, make sure your site has its own auto-suggest search bar for those who know what they want.

For the casual browsers, make sure to use creative product photos, featured item showcases, occasional surprises, and killer deals.  You’ll start selling products with ease when you implement a simple design.

2. Photo showcases.  Photos are necessary to increase conversion rates.  But, at a more detailed level, make sure the photo only shows the product, and use a neutral-colored background.  This takes away any distraction, allowing visitors to focus exclusively on the product.

3. Make your add-to-cart button stick out.  It’s always important to make your call-to-action noticeable.  Don’t use any other words than “add-to-cart,” as that is what online buyers expect to see.  The phrase doesn’t put too much pressure on them to take an action now, and neither does it confuse them by trying to be different from other phrases.

4. Related products.  If someone decides to purchase from your website, you can increase your conversions even further by showing them what else they might be interested in purchasing.  This also works well for people who aren’t as good with searching.

5. Check out page.  Nice job!  You’ve gotten your website customers to pile their cart high with your products.  But, you don’t want to lose them now that you’ve gotten them to the checkout page!

On your checkout page, make sure to make it as easy as possible.  By clicking the submit button just once, you will notice a higher conversion rate and an easier time selling products.  In addition, if you have the staff, allow instant chat during the checkout process.  Finally, if you were savvy enough to collect the shopper’s e-mail address, you can always market to them via e-mail if they fail to purchase now.

If you follow these strategies, you can expect your sales to remain at healthy levels.  Which of these strategies have you not implemented at your site that could make a positive impact right now?

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