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8 Quick & Dirty Tips for Successfully Selling Products Online

8 Tips For Successfully Selling Products OnlineIt’s an exciting time at your business – you’re confident that you’ve identified a product your market will like. How high will the revenues go?¬†It’s hard to say, but if you keep the following tricks in mind for selling products online, you’ll set yourself up for success right from the start:

1.  Develop a measurable marketing campaign РAre you going to use promotions on your own site, social media, organic search, PPC, and guest blogging?  Will you try some other tactics?  What mixture do you think will be most effective?

2. ¬†You won’t know which mix will work best – every situation is unique. ¬†But, do develop a plan so you can measure your effectiveness. ¬†Then, try some new things and refine your strategy as you learn.

3.  Make sure user feedback is available РSocial proof in the form of customer reviews works well Рjust make sure you get a useful product out there in the first place.  Regardless of what type of reviews you get, you have information available for making better decisions in the future.

4.  Offer incentives РRebates, discounts for purchasing within the first 30 days, and 2-for-1 type offers work well when selling products, especially new products, online.  People love you when you lead them with a carrot and are more likely to spread the word about your products to others in their network.

5. ¬†Discuss its weaknesses – Many people are weary when purchasing on the web because any random person can throw up a site and call themselves an “online store.” ¬†Do discuss the weaknesses of your product, but make sure you discuss fewer of them than you do strengths.

Then, answer customer objects by showing how perceived weaknesses really aren’t weaknesses at all. ¬†By doing this, you build a high amount of trust in online customers that you won’t get if you exclusively discuss how wonderful your product is.

6. ¬†Follow up with customers after they purchase – Surprise your customers with extraordinary service by following up with them via e-mail, or for the maximum impression, phone. ¬†Most likely, they won’t have any problems, but they’ll be very glad you called and will be more likely to purchase from you again in the future. ¬†How many companies do you know that do this? ¬†Not many, and this is a great way to make yourself stand out.

7.  Use analytics РMeasuring and refining always leads to the best long-term success for any business.  If you can, make sure you use a sophisticated analytics package.  Some software goes as far as showing you how far down your page people scroll, and exactly what they click on when they get to that page.

8.  Establish your identity РIn addition to getting your phone number up in the right-hand corner, get your physical address at the bottom of your page.  This builds a ton of trust with new visitors to you site and is a powerful technique for selling products.

Hope you enjoyed those tips for selling products online – which do you think will be most helpful for you?

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