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Selling internationally? Offer a better, more secure way to provide international shipping options with Fortune3 and Bongo.

Bongo and Fortune3 Work TogetherIf your business is looking for an easy solution to ship international orders, Bongo is the preferred International fulfillment service by Fortune3. Eliminate the risk that comes with shipping International orders, and consolidate your International shipments to produce the lowest possible shipping rates to your International customers.

New options you will have available in your ecommerce store once you sign up with Bongo International:

> Bongo ships from the US and EU to over 220 Countries in the world!
> Bongo International provides Shipping Consolidation.
> Bongo automatically insures your shipment for 2% of the total value of your goods.

Bongo Connect Features

> Seamless Customer Experience (no disclosure of 3rd party).
> Accurate Duty Tax Calculation.
> Multi-Lingual Customer Service.
> Aggressive All-Inclusive Air Discount.
> Export Compliance Management.
> HS Classification.
> Universal Tracking.
> Currency Conversion.
> 1-5 Day Global Transit from any of our DC’s.
> Drop Shipper Benefits.
> Repackaging Services.

Why Bongo International?

Bongo International® simplified the shipping to international customers. Why go throughout the hassle to manage your international shipping while trying to get the best price? Bongo International gives you the peace of mind by handling all the shipping done from your company at the lowest price in the market. As a merchant, Bongo provides you with a new clientele while keeping your customers happy. Bongo International, LLC was founded in 2007 to overcome the challenges associated with International Cross Border eCommerce transactions by both Consumers and Businesses. Today Bongo services 95,000 International Consumers and over 3,000 Businesses globally with a team spanning 3 continents speaking 12 languages.

Bongo International Support Contact:
Phone: (203) 683-4894
Email: Support@BongoUS.com

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