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Saving Abandoned Shopping Carts without an Email Capture

F3 Shopping Cart ImageOne of the best marketing strategies you can do as an internet retailer to make those advertising dollars count and get a better ROI (return on investment,) is trying to save as many abandoned shopping carts as possible. If you look at almost every study / research, you’ll see that the number of carts consumers abandon every day through the web is about 90%+!

Shopping cart abandonment is something all internet retailers deal with, the question is, how are you bringing those customers to make the purchase? What are you doing to bring those customers back?

The only way to really get those customers to come back and finish the transaction through email is to capture their email address, right? Well – there’s some strategies you can do that doesn’t require you to have their email address.

From a great post on GetElastic.com, they state, “There are two basic techniques: (1) detect when the browser is closed (i.e. clicking the red ‘X’) and (2) based on a session timeout. Obviously there are abandons where the session has ended (as set by the webserver) but the visitor has not yet closed the browser.


1. Retargeting: Retargeting has been a GREAT way of marketing to bring consumers back to your website. What retargeting does is drop a cookie on the visitors browser and then whatever network you are using to retarget – those same customers will be served your ads throughout the web – this is especially true if you use a platform as big as Google Adwords for retargeting.

2. Exit – Light Box: The exit light box has also proven to be an instrumental tool in bringing customers back to your website because you are actually capturing their email address. An exit light-box can use promotional text to incentivize the user to put their email address to enter their email such as a coupon offer or free gift promo!

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