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Cyber Monday 2012 Ecommerce Statistics

So – Cyber Monday 2012 is in the books! Personally, we saw great success from many e-retailers this Monday! Many beat out expectations and many are happy they saw a nice bounce back from the previous few months that one may say were plagued by a weak economy, the elections, storms and other factors.

It’s fact that this Cyber Monday was a record day for some of the biggest e-retailers. Adobe Systems called Cyber Monday 2012 a record day estimating $1.98 billion in web sales! The national retail federation predicted more than 129 million consumers would shop online Monday.

From InternetRetailer.com, IBM reported the following:

• Shopping peaked at 11:25 a.m. Eastern time, and remained strong after consumers got home from work.

• More than 18% of traffic to retailer web sites came from smartphones and tablets, a 70% increase over Cyber Monday 2011, and mobile devices accounted for nearly 13% of sales.

• The iPad accounted for more than 7% of traffic to e-retail sites, followed by the iPhone at 6.9% and Android devices at 4.5%. The iPad accounted for 90.5% of traffic from tablets, followed by Amazon Kindle at 2.6%, Samsung Galazy at 2% and Barnes and Noble Nook at 0.6%.

• Mobile traffic broke down as follows: 58.1% from smartphones, 41.9% from tablets.

• The average online ticket dropped 6.6% from Friday to $185.12, but the number of items increased 14.1% to an average of 8.34. Consumers “shopped with greater frequencyto take aadvantage of retailer deals as well as free shipping,” IBM reported. Friday, often called Black Friday, is traditionally a big day for sales in stores and shopping malls, although it’s increasingly a major online shopping day as well.

• Shoppers coming from such online social networks as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube accounted for .41% of sales Monday, a decrease of 26% from Cyber Monday 2011.

Some things to note from Cyber Monday 2012:

– MOBILE IS IN. We’ve known this and we constantly talk about it but now we are seeing hard numbers in the largest shopping day of the year online. Look at the stats for smart phones, tablets and other mobile devices.

– Social network shopping was down a considerable amount from Cyber Monday 2011 – a 26% decrease!

How was your Cyber Monday?

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