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7 Reasons People Are Scared to Shop Online

While the internet may be the new norm for most of the things we do, how we socialize, how we search and now even how we shop for many things, there is still a fear of online shopping. Yes, there are many people that will have concerns about shopping on the internet, even with the biggest websites.

There are things we can do as internet retailers to calm those fears of online shoppers when they decide to shop or possibly shop from our websites. If you are a start-up ecommerce website or small internet retailer, you face these challenges more than any other website because there is no trust in your brands / online store. Therefore, it’s important that you try to address the possible reasons people are scared to shop online that we’ll list below in your own way.

scared of ecommerce
Infographic from SiteJabber


1. FEAR OF CREDIT CARD INFORMATION BEING STOLEN: If you don’t live under a rock than you know the amount of credit card fraud that happens. Many consumers fear much of the identity theft comes from the internet, etc. It is EXTREMELY important that your website feels like a secure shopping experience for the user. Make sure you have all the trust seals in place, SSL certificates, etc to make consumers feel they can shop in your online store without a fear of their credit card information being jeopardized.

2. IT’S NOT A ‘REAL’ STORE: The internet may still be a fantasy world to many people who don’t really trust it. The only thing they can rely on is that there is a web address where they can shop – that may not be enough. Make sure your website includes a physical address and always a prominent phone number to contact you.

3. YOU’LL SEE MY INFORMATION: People may think that your website / business will solicit their information. This is a hard issue for your website to really get across that you don’t (shouldn’t) do. Make sure that at checkout you have a disclaimer that says: YourWebsitesName.com does NOT solicit any information provided by you to any third party businesses.

4. I CAN’T TELL WHAT THE PRODUCT IS REALLY LIKE: Many consumers are afraid to shop online because they may not be sure they will get what they see or not sure how it will look like in person. The way to fix this is really to have three things that can sell the product for you.


5. NOT BEING ABLE TO TRACK ORDERS: If people don’t get a tracking number after they placed the other, panic mode will set in. Have you shipped my item? Where is my tracking number? I know you’ve heard this many times! Make sure your customers understand the processing time and what method it is shipping and set the right expectations for when they will receive a tracking number through their email.

6. NEEDING A HELP PERSON / ASSISTANCE: It’s all about having a phone number site-wide and live chat to help people with any questions they might have. Product information, shipping information, assistance placing an order, etc. In ecommerce, customer service is KING.

7. IF YOU DON’T LIKE IT, YOU’RE STUCK WITH IT: I can’t stress to you how your return policy will determine the success of your ecommerce business. No Returns? Good luck really beating your competitors. Offer the most competitive return policy you possibly can without losing.

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